Usually invisible to the guest, indispensable for the hotel. The housekeeping team! They are on duty every day and achieve a lot. But on a hotel on board? There is a special equipment necessary.

The chambermaid trolley Mundus has been perfectly adapted to suit the particular conditions on cruise ships. A fold-out push handle and a locking brake enables better maneuverability and greater stability. Design and facilities can be selected individually. With the Mundus configurator, it is possible to create a customised trolley.

To make laundry logistics easier, Wanzl offers the KT3 linen trolley. Exquisite handling, flexible shelves and detailed solutions such as practical handles and plastic impact protectors were well-received across the board, enable more efficient and comfortable laundry transport.

Also an important area is the baggage of the guests. The mobile containers Rollcruiser are used to optimise baggage logistics on the cruise ship. They ensure luggage is transported quickly and carefully from check-in at the port to the cabins during embarkation. All items of luggage are pre-sorted on the cruise mobile containers ready to be transported to the correct deck and cabin. The process is reversed during disembarkation.

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