A successful partnership between AIDA Cruises and Wanzl enters its next phase. After successfully launching on AIDAprima and AIDAperla, Wanzl is now also accompanying AIDAnova – the youngest member of the fleet – on its journey over the oceans.

This is the thirteenth AIDA Cruises cruise liner, offering 2,500 spacious cabins with on-board opportunities to sample the finest cuisine, enjoy impressive entertainment, and for its many guests to completely immerse themselves in deep relaxation, ensuring every guest can experience the holiday of a lifetime on the AIDAnova. On 2 December 2018, the AIDAnova sets sails – taking its maiden voyage from Hamburg towards the Canary Islands – with Wanzl by its side, of course! More than 1,000 Wanzl housekeeping and room service trolleys will be in attendance to ensure a first rate on-board laundry and luggage service.

Bespoke housekeeping on the high seas

Specially-made for the high seas! Around 150 customised Mundus chambermaid trolleys have been perfectly adapted to suit the particular conditions on the AIDAnova. A fold-out push handle and a locking brake enables better manoeuvrability and greater stability, whilst three flexible shelves in the main body provide plenty of space for clean laundry. The dirty laundry is, of course, housed in a separate enclosed container – introducing the versatile and extremely effective Nova laundry trolley. This specialised accessory trolley can be released from the Mundus with just one handle, meaning it can be rolled independently into cabins with ease. Towels and cloths can be stowed away in two additional removable and washable plastic bags, which are secured externally on the sides along with a push & pull drawer included above the shelves – essential features for the housekeeping crew, who always need sufficient storage areas and ample space for laundry and cleaning materials.

The pre-sorting system on the right-hand side of the Mundus is also a very special custom-made feature, consisting of a bucket, storage tray and baskets for waste separation – each of which can be accessed separately – with specially produced cladding ensuring the contents are not visible to guests. If adequate storage space is half the battle when it comes to trolleys on a cruise liner, the other half is comfortable handling and safety.

With its sophisticated design and sleek aluminium profile, the Mundus is inclusive of foldable fabric cover, four smooth-running swivel castors, a fifth, central castor for quick changes of direction, and the ability to be locked using an individually programmed RFID lock to ensure maximum security, the Mundus is an all-in-one, must have trolley. Extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre with a reliable locking brake, easily activated via a foot-operated rail, the Mundus guarantees the required level of stability even on choppy waters.

Specific transport solutions for maritime logistics

The AIDAnova is a first-class floating luxury hotel with 17 restaurants, the first ever at-sea TV studio, an exclusive spa area with a floor area of over 3,500 m2, and many more features to excite even the most demanding guests. The customised-solutions trolleys from Wanzl support the overall experience on-board by ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the background. Special cruise containers optimise the transportation of luggage, which can be appropriately pre-sorted during check-in, and safely transported to the output area without the need for additional reloading – the luggage is perfectly protected in this process thanks to full covering of special tarpaulin sheeting. Whether they need to be moved manually or using a forklift, the cruise containers are comfortable and reliable to move, which is ensured by their smooth-running swivel castors, a stable, lightweight structure, and integrated lugs for forklift trucks. The cruise container dimensions were specifically adapted for the AIDAnova, with the result that the trolleys can now be nested in a way that takes up even less space. Wanzl is also making laundry logistics easier with the introduction of the KT3 linen trolley which was adapted specifically for the AIDAperla and modified once again for the AIDAnova. Exquisite handling, flexible shelves and detailed solutions such as practical handles and plastic impact protectors were well-received across the board, enable more efficient and comfortable laundry transport.