Innovative ideas can make life so easy – transporting housekeeping materials along with food & beverages is smooth and effortless with the state-of-the-art drive concept from Wanzl – even when the trolley is fully loaded with heavy items. An electric motor has been integrated as a drive unit in the hub of the fifth wheel, directly in the centre below the trolley base. Chambermaid and minibar trolleys start moving with the motor acting as the driving force, and are always directionally stable and can be reliably manoeuvred in any situation with little force.

The electric drive feature put through its paces

The control for the drive unit is housed directly on the frame, resulting in practical benefits for handling and outstanding ergonomy. The electric motor, equipped with an integrated brake for pulling and pushing, can be switched on and off one-handed, at the touch of a button, allowing it to smoothly tackle every curve and performing 360° freestyle pirouettes on the spot, around its own axis. Perfect for fast work and quickly changing direction in narrow hotel corridors, where every centimetre of working area counts. The rotary control enables you to customise the pace, and is used to continuously adjust the drive speed to up to 4 km/hour. The emergency stop button, located on the handle, ensures maximum safety with an immediate stop when necessary.

State-of-the-art battery technology for endurance

The drive unit is in constant use, round-the-clock, as an ‘endurance runner’. This is made possible by the most recent lithium-ion technology – with no memory effect when charging. The socket integrated in the trolley makes it possible to quickly connect the battery charger, with no additional work required for the charging process. A glance at the battery display in the sliding handle gives the employee real-time information about the current charge capacity and when a box stop is needed.