The WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine is the ideal choice for any restaurant owners and caterers who need to produce large quantities of delicious coffee and hot water. The Geislingen-based premium manufacturer is now expanding its filter expertise even further with a new machine variant. The WMF 9000 F (Internal Storage), with an integrated 4-litre storage container to enable metered dispensing for cups, coffee mugs and pots, is available now. With a ground coffee portioner for 2.5 kilograms (can be expanded to 3.8 kilograms as an option) and a manual insert for a second type of coffee, the machine offers outstanding flexibility. Individually adjustable hot water dispensing also provides opportunity for further customisation. With an output of up to 500 cups per hour, this new addition will rise to any challenge and is suitable for both self-service and serviced operation. Like all professional coffee machines from WMF, the WMF 9000 F features WMF CoffeeConnect inside.

Thanks to the flexible configuration of the storage container, the brewing batches and post-brewing quantities can be precisely adapted as required (each from 1 to 4 litres). Furthermore, the user can adjust the volume of coffee available in the storage container on an ad hoc basis using the "rapid brewing" function – when large groups of guests or tourists arrive, for example. The maximum storage time and automatic post-brewing quantity can be set by the user to ensure the perfect coffee experience without having to wait around. And tea enthusiasts can also have their own personal moment of indulgence: positioned directly underneath the front panel, the automatic machine offers an individually adjustable hot water dispensing, from tiny volumes right up to a maximum of 4 litres. Both models of the WMF 9000 F – large-quantity brewer or integrated storage container – feature an additional pot brewing arm for jugs with a capacity of up to 2.8 litres.

Alongside classic filter brewing, the smart automatic brewing process ensures that the ground coffee is used as effectively as possible by extending the contact time between the ground coffee and the brewing water. Grounds can be disposed of via a grounds separator under the counter or directly into the drain depending on the place of use.

Menu control and machine care for everyone

The 10-inch multimedia colour touch display of the WMF 9000 F boasts outstanding versatility. Users can find their way around the menu easily in either self-service or serviced applications and enjoy straightforward operation thanks to the large product buttons. A toolbar provides rapid access to a number of preset customisation options and displays information such as the current fill level of the storage container. A wide range of vending machines – such as coin checkers, coin changers and card readers – can be integrated for additional convenience.

The intelligent machine design guarantees easy access to all relevant parts during daily maintenance and care. A cleaning granulate dosing unit ensures that the entire cleaning process runs fully automatically. The user can activate the "CleanLock" function, which temporarily locks the touch display, when cleaning the front panel to avoid accidentally preparing a beverage.

Perfect diagnostics and real-time monitoring

Like all WMF automatic machines, the WMF 9000 F provides fully integrated digital solutions packages to ensure delivery of consistent coffee quality of the highest level at all times. The "WMF CoffeeConnect" telemetry solution, for example, can be used for systematic machine monitoring and control and enables customers to optimise their coffee business on a long-term basis. In addition, a newly developed diagnostics tool allows service technicians to check the most important brewing parameters – such as boiler temperature, brewing pressure, water supply pressure or flow speed – quickly and reliably.