For more than 160 years, the WMF Group brands have been synonymous with the best cooking, drinking and eating culture. Every day, several hundred million people worldwide use WMF, Silit and Kaiser products to prepare, cook, eat, drink and bake at home. Or they enjoy coffee specialities and dishes made with WMF, Schaerer and HEPP products in the gastronomy or hotel industry. All WMF employees are passionate about bringing people together and providing them with precious and delicious moments to share. The traditional company, whose brand is the very embodiment of the Made in Germany mark, was founded in 1853 in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany, and has been a part of the French Groupe SEB consortium since the end of 2016.

A global passion for coffee – made in Geislingen

Thanks to its wide range of products, WMF offers the right coffee solution for any cruise line concept, whether it is being used for filter coffee or preparation of coffee specialities such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and much more. One example is the new fully automatic WMF 1100 S coffee machine, available for customers in the entry-level segment. With a recommended 80 cups of daily capacity, a convenient touch display and efficient cleaning processes, this model is the perfect choice for smaller operations. Speciality machines WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 5000 S+ are well-suited for mid-range volumes and are equipped with the latest milk systems for the finest creations. The fully automatic WMF 9000 S+ coffee machine is perfect for high-performance operations. It is equipped with an optional two-milk solution, allowing the operator to work with multiple types of milk at the same time. If you want to combine quality and process reliability with the emotional aspects of traditional coffee culture, the fully automatic WMF espresso portafilter is your best bet.

For delicious filter coffee in large quantities, WMF provides the WMF 9000 F fully automatic series. Featuring a four-litre storage urn, this internal storage model enables metered dispensing for cups, coffee mugs and pots. With a ground coffee portioner for 2.5 kilograms (can be expanded to 3.8 kilograms as an option) and a manual insert for a second type of coffee, the machine ensures outstanding flexibility. Individually adjustable hot water dispensing also provides an opportunity for further customisation. With an output of up to 500 cups per hour, this machine will rise to any challenge and is suitable for both self-service and serviced operation. The WMF 9000 F model (External Storage) with its integrated quantity and pot brewing arm also offers an impressive output of up to 100 litres per hour, as well as individual brewing batches of 1 to 5 litres.

Modular solutions for individual concepts

The modular structure of all WMF machines guarantees that every device can be set up at the intended location – from the cup dispenser, milk cooler and cup rack to the different milk and steam systems as well as grinder configurations and a syrup station, everything has its place. Added to this is a Center Cooler for milk cooling for two coffee machines, positioned between the machines. The fully automatic machines also offer a plethora of options when it comes to payment and vending systems required by users. These include classic processes such as card readers and coin checkers, but also the integration of cashless or mobile payment systems via the MDB interface for credit cards and systems such as PayPal. WMF machines also enable beverages to be dispensed through the use of mobile apps such as the WMF MyCoffee App, allowing guests to link up to the system.

For coffee concepts of the future, the multi-award winning WMF CoffeeConnect technology platform guarantees comprehensive collection, analysis and graphical processing of performance and service data from the linked WMF machines. This in turn gives rise to digital environments that are used for cross-location online monitoring of coffee quality, production readiness and machine availability.

Smart operating and cleaning concepts

Intuitive operation and care are crucial for maintaining high standards of drink quality and device reliability. The innovative multi-touch operating concepts in WMF coffee machines meet every expectation and make sure that preparing coffee is a simple, efficient process in serviced and self-service operations alike. Among the convenience functions are display-led animations that vividly explain the daily cleaning procedures and guide the user through each individual step. The integrated, highly automated systems for meticulous daily cleaning and for software-controlled intermediate cleaning go the extra mile in order to guarantee consistently high coffee quality.

Personal relationships are the alpha and omega

As a supplier of complete solutions, the WMF Group is committed to providing comprehensive consultation and support from beginning to end. Field service staff are often able to maintain direct contact with customers, depending on which country they are working in, and provide extensive advice about choosing a suitable device, financial considerations and putting together a range of beverages. This in-depth consultation process from the get-go is key to reconciling each customer’s requirements with vital factors such as the machine power rating and the range of drinks available. In daily operations, WMF offers the largest in-house service network for commercial coffee machines in Germany. On an international scale, the company provides its own service teams dedicated to specific countries but also works with third-party service partners.