We are proud to announce the launch of our new Online Ordering System. With this new online ordering system, we are making it easier for you to do business with us; you can easily request a quote for a selection of the maritime safety products in our portfolio. With a user-friendly and easy navigation, the T-ISS Online Ordering System is a convenient and efficient way to get a quote for our products, with most available from stock. If you are requesting a quote from a country in which an authorized T-ISS reseller/distributor is active, then we will forward your quote request to this local reseller/distributor so they can do the follow-up.
Go to our Products page to check out our new Online Ordering System.

How does this Online Ordering System make life easier for you?

  • You can request a quotation without being dependent on the availability of our team or office hours
  • The product range available for the Online Ordering System is updated continuously and therefore will be kept up-to-date at all times
  • You have several options concerning the inclusion of transport/shipping costs.

How it works

Step 1: Browse our products

The main page of the Online Ordering System provides you with an overview of all our products available to include in a quotation.

Step 2: Add products to the quotation

By clicking on a product, you can read more about the details of that product and you can now add it to the quotation request. After adding a product to the quotation, you can continue browsing our products or you can proceed to submit your quote request.

Step 3: Review your quote request

You can now review your list of products that you want us to include in the quotation request. When you are finished adding products to the quote request, you can click ‘Proceed to submit your quote’.

Step 4: Submit quotation request

Now you are asked to fill in your details to quickly create an account, add additional notes and whether you want us to include the shipping costs or not. Once filled in, you can again click on ‘Proceed to submit your quote’. We will send you your requested quote as soon as possible!

More information & assistance

If you have any questions about our new Online Ordering System, you can contact our team via the livechat on our website or send an email to: Marc ten Haaken: marc.ten.haaken@t-iss.com