Safety at sea is essential for saving lives, both for commercial vessels, as well as for cruise vessels, ferries and in the offshore industry. T-ISS manufactures and offers various SOLAS Safety Products meeting the highest and all Maritime and Marine standards. Besides that, we produce several high quality SOLAS tapes, IMO Safety Signs & Posters, Pipe Markings and Low Location Lighting systems.

SOLAS Safety Products

We produce, supply and distribute various high quality SOLAS Safety Products meeting the highest and all Maritime and Marine standards, such like HRU, EEBD and life vests.

Safety products and equipment should be relied upon. We only manufacture and offer high-quality products that have been extensively tested in specially prepared test locations to expose them to the most extreme environmental conditions. That is why most of our safety products are certified by all the main certification bodies.

SOLAS Safety Tapes

We are specialized in producing and distribute safety tapes for various applications on board ships, for example SOLAS Retro reflective tape, Spray Stop tape and Pipe repair.

T-ISS is specialized in the production and distribution of high quality safety tapes for various applications on board ships. These include SOLAS Retro-reflective tapes for life boats, Spray Stop tapes to prevent spray outs in machine or engine rooms and Pipe Repair tapes for quick repairs of small leaks in (water) pipes. The tapes comply with the latest IMO and SOLAS regulations, European/International regulations and have global standards expressed in product specific certificates.

IMO Safety Signs & Posters

All the safety signs we produce are recyclable and 100% Halogen and PVC free. Safety signage is required on all commercial vessels and cruise ships.  

In addition to producing safety tapes and pipe marking tapes, we also produce various IMO safety signs and posters. As a leading production and installation company, we have already provided many beautiful cruises and ships with safety signage to guarantee internal and external safety. This includes escape route signage, firefighting signage and training or instruction posters, etc.

LED Escape signs

Our newly developed line of LED Escape Signs is designed to not only meet all of the laws and regulations, but also to fit perfectly in terms of functionality and design into the passenger corridors aboard cruise ships and ferries. Our LED Escape signs are more than just pretty to look at. Through an innovation resulting from our years of experience with after-glowing safety signs, our LED Escape Sign features photoluminescent material so that when the electricity source fails due to a disaster, the photoluminescent properties of the escape sign take over. This eliminates the need for a battery, which fits within the objectives of reducing the carbon footprint of the cruise and ferry industry.

Low Location Lighting as escape route guidance


We produce low location lighting which indicate the escape route on board the vessel or cruise ship. It has a long life span and perfect exposure time.

When the light suddenly goes out or the room is heavily darkened, e.g. due to smoke development, photoluminescent materials offer the perfect solution. Routes to the exits, obstacles, emergency exits, stairs and safety equipment can easily be marked with phosphorescent materials. Our glowing tapes (non-PVC), strips and LED systems are commonly used to create an escape route guidance system according to IMO, SOLAS and ISO regulations. T-ISS also realizes on a project basis the implementation of Low Location Lighting systems, measurements and certifications.

Our story

T-ISS was established in 2003 and is an ISO9001 approved company. The people behind the company have decades of experience in the Marine and Offshore Industry. We perfectly understand the importance of reliable, accessible and price quality ratio products, services and turn-key solutions. Therefore, we primarily deal with these industries and can provide the fastest and most comprehensive offers on our quality products.