Focused on innovative solutions for the naval industry and industry, Tecnoveritas has developed a platform that allows organizations in these sectors to handle large amounts of data and monitor their fleets, in real-time and anywhere.

This certification proves that the BOEM has all the requirements and has passed with distinction all the procedures and tests necessary to receive the Type Approval from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. So, whether there is an audit of a ship or a thermoelectric plant, it is enough to hand over this certification to the auditor and he will know that the BOEM has all the safety and reliability requirements.

BOEM is a cloud-based tool equipped with artificial intelligence that allows an overview of the business, automatic and personalized reports, 24/7 video surveillance of the facilities and task distribution to your employees. The range of features that BOEM presents are designed both for the marine industry (merchant ships, passenger ships, fishing, and marine vessels) and for industry (factories, fleets, thermoelectric plant, and refineries). A national tool that is already being internationalized and making management processes increasingly efficient, safe and without margin for error.

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore is an entity that aims to maintain the safety and security of ships and offshore structures. Promotes the health, safety, and protection of the marine environment.