Yara Marine Technologies is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract for the supply of hybrid scrubber systems on two RoRo vessels to global logistics company Toll. Work is underway on the first vessel at Jinling Shipyard in Nanjing, China.

With both vessels operating on the environmentally sensitive Australian coast, the exhaust gas cleaning system from Yara Marine Technologies has been carefully designed with unique technology to minimise the vessels’ environmental footprint.
The latest membrane technology to reduce sludge transportation and frequency converters installed on all pumps, are some of the specially designed features to reduce the vessel’s energy consumption. To improve health and safety outcomes for the crew, a safer option in Magnesium Oxide (MgO) has been chosen as the alkali in closed loop instead of Caustic Soda (NaOH).
"For Toll it is important that our two new vessels not only provide us with 40% more capacity, but also allows us to improve safety outcomes for our people and deliver a better outcome for the environment," said Tony Stewart, group general manager Toll Shipping.

Yara Marine Technologies’ CEO, Mr Peter Strandberg is impressed with Toll’s commitment to safe guarding both the environment and their crew.

"We are happy to see Toll’s commitment to the environment and their focus on crew’s safety is apparent in the system design they have chosen for the vessels," Mr Strandberg says.

The RoRo vessels will be equipped with two 10,2 MW MAN engines that will be connected to one scrubber each, cleaning all Sulphur Dioxide (SOx) down to the strictest International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) requirements.

The first vessel is expected delivered in 2018.