UTILIZING WASTE ENERGY – sustaining a financial and environmental gain


IDENTIFY, CAPTURE, RECOVER 75% of the engine’s energy can easily be utilized


UTILIZE Make use of the engines waste heat

Seamless utilization of surplus energy from the exhaust and the cooling water has the potential of saving huge amounts of fuel and carbon emissions. Ulmatec Pyro’s Waste Energy Recovery System utilizes the surplus heat generated by engines to replace electric heating with waterborne heat on through the central heating system.

Surplus energy can be stored in thermo-insulated tanks, and this can be used as an energy source to heat the ship when it is docked or operating in battery mode, or it can be used in adsorption chillers to generate cooling. The recovered heat can also be used for power generation, and as an energy source for air conditioning systems.

Moreover, if the ship is operating in the cold areas of the world like the Arctic and Antarctica, the surplus energy can be used for anti-icing on decks, railings, stairs, helidecks etc.


• Heat recovered at different temperature levels
• The water volume works as an energy accumulator
• Minimal use of primary energy for top-up
• Automatically pre-heat standby engines to reduce wear and tear
• Easy to design • Low installations cost
• Easy to operate, and low maintenance requirements
• Automatic, unmanned operations
• Better utilization of existing systems

* In a Waste Energy Recovery System, the fuel fired heater will only function as backup or for topping up, and will very rarely be in operation.


The system automatically detects available energy, and balances the recovery vs. consumer demand like;
• Accommodation heating and cooling (HVAC)
• Sanitary hot water
• Pre-heating for steam generator
• Heating of pool water
• Freshwater generators
• Tank heating • Anti-icing
• Preheating of water treatment systems
• Preheating of engines in standby
• LNG regasification
• Energy storage
• Power generation