The Port of Tarragona has begun work on installing the bollards on the Balears Wharf. A total of 33 bollards with a capacity of 200 tons each will be installed to provide mooring for the world’s largest cruise liners.

The fenders, which are also being installed at a similar pace, and the bollards are the elements that take the strain of docking and tying up the vessel. Thus, when a ship is slowly approaching in a berthing manoeuvre, the fenders absorb the momentum of the vessel as it manoeuvres, protecting both the dock and the vessel when they come into contact. In conditions of strong winds and waves, the fenders and bollards are responsible for absorbing the vessel's energy, especially when it tends to approach or move away from the dock.

In parallel with the bollard installation, the Port is completing the final metres of the edge beam. The last section has already been concreted with a formwork trolley and only a few sections remain to be finished. This will be done manually due to the difficulty of access.

Facing the final stretch
The Port of Tarragona has begun to prepare the esplanade with the final earthworks ready for future paving. The first lampposts for lighting the dock are also being installed.

When the new infrastructure is in operation it will increase the capacity to receive more visitors and in better conditions. It will have a total berthing line of 700 metres, given that on 240 of the 460 metres it will be possible to tie up on both sides and the area of the Llevant breakwater has also been added. All this means that double the number of cruise ships can dock simultaneously and that the world’s largest cruise liners can be accommodated.