Nedstack, a manufacturer of PEM-fuel cell stacks and systems, and Groeneveldt, a specialist in workboats, signed today a contract for the delivery of a portable fuel cell system, supplying power to a sustainable workboat for the Province of Overijssel. This project showcases ultimate sustainability in maritime transportation.

A PEM fuel cell systems for multiple applications
This collaborative project will feature the MPU 20-400-AC, a versatile mobile PEM fuel cell system applicable for both maritime and mobile uses. The system will serve as an emission-free range extender on board of the workboat, recharging the onboard battery when shore power is unavailable during longer working days. Additionally, the PEM fuel cell system can be easily detached form the ship for various on-shore mobile applications.

Autonomous and adaptable operation with the MPU 20-400-AC
The MPU 20-400-AC operates as a standalone unit, capable of autonomous start-ups, forming a 400 Volt 50 Hz microgrid. Additionally, the portable unit can be connected to an existing electricity grid, increasing versatility.

Benefits of sailing with mobile PEM fuel cell power system.

  • Replace diesel generators and other traditional off-grid technologies
  • Simplify the creation of autonomous hydrogen microgrids
  • Increase battery lifetime
  • Remove noise, CO2, NOx, SOx and particle matter emissions A commitment for Sustainable Shipping

This project proves the mutual dedication of Nedstack and Groeneveldt Marine Construction to advance efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions in the maritime sector. Together, we aim to establish eco-conscious workboats, contributing to a cleaner and sustainable future in sustainable shipping.