GTT has been assigned by two major companies to carry out Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies on new Gravity Based System (GBS) projects.

The first one, signed with an European EPC, concerns a large LNG liquefaction project comprising several concrete caissons with several liquid gas membrane tanks, while the second concerns a smaller and metallic GBS project conducted with an Asian partner for providing energy to an island.

For confidentiality purposes, the names of the contracting parties of the LNG projects cannot be disclosed.

These two types of GBS are made of caissons consisting in concrete or metallic structures and membrane containment tanks using GTT technology. They lie on the seabed and can be installed in a port or isolated area and require limited additional infrastructure.

The FEEDs’ objectives are to develop GBS concept designs and to finalise economical and safe designs, including the production requirements adapted to the gravity based structures specificities, relying on GTT’s experience and knowledge in LNG membrane containment system. GTT will be able to demonstrate the readiness of this innovative solution: combining GTT’s containment system track-record with gravity-based nearshore structures.

Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of GTT, declared: "We are very confident in the perspectives for the GBS solution and are looking forward to working with highly experienced partners on these FEEDs."

He added: "These studies demonstrate the interest for GBS solutions, irrespective of their capacities and locations, as well as the appetite for GTT’s expertise in the industry."