On Monday, November 6th works begin simultaneously with the construction of the cruise terminals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura on behalf of Global Ports Canary Islands with an investment over 40 million Euros. Construction of specialized cruise facilities will positively contribute to the transformation of the sector with a remarkable impact in the local economy. The project will optimize Guest experienced at port by customer oriented-services, by enhancing at the same time the sustainable development of the cruise industry at the islands.

The project has been entrusted to SATOCAN a leading Canarian construction company in the sector, whose history dates back to the construction of maritime works in the Canary Islands more than four decades ago. The company combines this port experience with a proven solvency in the execution of all types of works in the Archipelago. This trajectory, together with its priority objective of fulfilling the commitments made to customers and suppliers, make SATOCAN the trusted construction company to carry out these works. 

Commitment to the Environment with Significant Economic Impact

Global Ports Canary Islands demonstrates its clear commitment to sustainability and environment with the construction of four cruise terminals focused on recycled and ecological materials to minimize wastes, by preserving natural resources and habitat and minimizing environmental impact.

In addition, cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices will be incorporated to achieve a minimal carbon footprint and the maximization of renewable resources.

Planned constructions will be an example of eco-efficiency sustainable infrastructure for the cruise sector that will count with a functional design in favour of sustainability by combining solar energy, recycled materials, and waste management.

All above mentioned will have a positive impact in each city, resulting in a remarkable growth of tourism on the islands and economic development at the local level in a sustainable and responsible way. 

Las Palmas: Efficiency & Innovation

The biggest project will be in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, one of the busiest cruise port in Spain. The terminal will be located in Santa Catalina Pier with an innovative two-storey building of 14,000 m2 that will have also 3 boarding bridges to rendering services up to four cruise ships simultaneously.

The Terminal is focused on efficiency and operational excellence in order to render comprehensive services in parallel to both transit and homeport cruise ships. The new terminal will accommodate shopping and restaurant areas that will contribute to a positive experience to passengers by means of customer oriented-services.

 Lanzarote's Dual Cruise Terminals; Naos and Mármoles 

In Lanzarote the constructions will take place in the two specialized cruise piers located in Arrecife with the aim to operate several ships at the same time.

On the one hand, Cruise Terminal in Naos will consist of one-storey building of 1,106m2 to provide services for both transit and homeport operations by focusing on operational efficiency and improving security.

On the other, Cruise Terminal in Mármoles will be a modern modular facility of 556m2 to render services up to 3 cruise ships at the same time.

This installation will be also supported by a satellite cruise terminal of 426m2 in which several auxiliar services will be provided to both passengers and crew members. 

Fuerteventura's Innovative Terminal 

Finally, the terminal at Puerto del Rosario, walking distance to heart of the city center of Fuerteventura will consist of an innovative modular design of 924 m2. The terminal will comprise a restaurant with an open terrace to complete wide range of services to be rendered to the passengers.

All terminals have been designed to ensure accessibility to passengers with reduced mobility and with the capacity to adapt to new demands of the market that may arise in the future. Advanced security measures have been implemented and accessible spaces have been created to ensure that all passengers can enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

About Global Ports Canary Islands

Global Ports Canary Islands (GPCI) is a 80:20 joint venture between Global Ports Holding and its local partner, Sepcan S.L, that was incorporated with the purpose to managing cruise ports at Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and in order to improve cruise operations in the Canary Islands through local experience and GPH knowledge with its leading position at the sector by rendering an innovative experience to cruise passengers by means of customer oriented-services. 

About Global Ports Holding Plc 

Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH) is the world's largest cruise port operator with an established presence in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific regions. Established in 2004, GPH holds a unique position in the cruise port landscape, positioning itself as the world’s leading cruise port brand. GPH operates 30 cruise ports in 17 countries, providing services for over 18 million cruise passengers annually. GPH also provides commercial port operations, specializing in container, bulk, and general cargo handling.

A network of award-winning ports and terminals enables GPH to share best practices with its subsidiaries. With a strong emphasis on operational excellence, enhanced security measures, and customer-oriented services, GPH leverages its years of experience among its ports. Furthermore, GPH actively contributes to the sustainable development of the cruise industry, creating an impact both locally and globally.