By reducing fuel consumption and decreasing CO2 emissions, HeatPower 300 Marine will enable shipowners and operators to achieve compliance with maritime environmental regulations, reduce operating costs and increase sustainability.

Climeon’s technology is optimized for efficient electricity production from low-temperature waste heat, thus increasing the applicability of waste heat recovery (WHR) technology throughout the shipping industry. Using the thermodynamic principles of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), HeatPower 300 Marine can utilize low-temp waste heat from a wider variety of onboard sources, increase the availability of usable thermal energy and maximize clean energy production.

“We are delighted to officially launch HeatPower 300 Marine at the SMM trade fair. The event’s prestigious reputation and this year’s focus on green technology makes it the ideal space to unveil our new maritime WHR tech. At a time when sustainability in shipping is increasingly important, we’re excited to deliver innovative, proven solutions that support the transition to a net-zero future.”
– Fredrik Thoren, Executive Vice President, Head of Marine, Climeon

Designed exclusively for the shipping industry, HeatPower 300 Marine is the first product from Climeon’s latest HeatPower range to be released. Following the official launch, Climeon will continue the dialogue with new and existing customers to deploy the first HeatPower 300 Marine systems onboard operational vessels.

Custom delivery and installation of the product allows HeatPower 300 Marine modules to be optimized for specific vessel designs and operational profiles, including both new-build and retrofit applications.

Using a modular and scalable approach, HeatPower 300 Marine empowers shipowners, operators, and shipyards to embrace sustainability, optimize performance and makes low-carbon shipping increasingly accessible across all segments of the maritime industry.