One of the largest global shipping companies has signed an order for Climeon HeatPower 300 waste heat recovery systems to increase energy efficiency on board two large size existing container vessels. The order value is approximately 1 MEUR and the HeatPower 300 units will be delivered to the repeat customer of Climeon’s during 2024.

“It is encouraging to see container shipping companies' growing interest in Climeon's HeatPower 300 technology. Not only for increasing efficiency on board modern new-build vessels, but for retrofitting existing ships as well. Our customer is on the leading edge of the shipping industry’s sustainable transition, and we are honored to have been entrusted with this step forward in energy-efficient shipping with such an influential and trustworthy player in the shipping industry.”
– Lena Sundquist, CEO, Climeon

In order for the shipping industry to meet environmental targets, it is imperative that ships in operation adopt new technologies to decrease their impact on the environment. Climeon’s HeatPower 300 system has been built with a comprehensive and flexible design to meet the requirements of both new build and existing ships. Utilizing Climeon’s waste heat recovery technology to increase onboard energy efficiency provides shipyards and shipowners with a cost-effective way to reduce fuel consumption and decrease subsequent carbon emissions, which is a critical factor in enabling the shipping industries sustainable transition.