Champion Door has delivered and installed one of the world’s largest shipyard doors to Neptun Werft, a part of Meyer Werft Papenburg, in Rostock, Germany.

The door is 60 metres wide and nearly 50 metres tall, and that is about the size of half a football field. The door was designed and manufactured at the Champion Door factory in Nivala, Finland. Every Champion Door door is designed to meet the specifications and wishes of the customer.

The functional reliability, large size and applicability of the Champion Door fold-up fabric doors for different types of buildings makes them very competitive for use in shipyards and harbours. They are also extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.

The innovative lifting mechanism means that the Champion Door doors do not require rails on the ground or large oversized frame structures, creating savings in construction costs. One-section doors can also be made to a very large size.

The advantages of the large shipyard doors developed by Champion Door are reasonable weight and excellent wind load resistance.

In addition to the big shipyard doors, the company’s door range offers several options for many different types of buildings, aircraft hangars, industry and crane openings.

Champion Door also offers the market’s only door with special thermal insulation, the NK4 Warm.