Lasvit has designed and manufactured light fittings and architectural glass installations for extraordinary interiors across the world, including, recently, the Royal Princess. Here, the Czech company describes how its glass sculptures beautifully complement the opulent spaces of Princess’s newest cruise ship.

The Lasvit Group, founded in 2007 and based in the Czech Republic, is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom contemporary light fittings, architectural glass installations and lighting collections.

Leon Jakimic founded Lasvit with a single vision: to create the perfect experience through the quality of light, glass and design. The list of Lasvit’s art pieces includes hand-blown objects in private residences, public spaces and luxurious hotels, as well as high-end boutiques and extraordinary interiors. Lasvit is currently developing and producing a wide range of uniquely shaped glass panels for the architecture industry.

Lasvit’s commitment to creativity and innovation has resulted in creative collaborations with some of the world’s most celebrated designers, including Ross Lovegrove, Nendo, Arik Levy, Fabio Novembre and Michael Young. As well as collaborating with global design stars, Lasvit is pleased to give opportunities to young designers, connecting them with Czech master glassmakers.

Tradition and innovation

Lasvit is launching Czech glass to the world while protecting its identity and authenticity. The company is proud to be a follower of the old traditions of Bohemian glass, which develop with respect to history while looking straight towards the future.

Lasvit projects span the globe from London, Paris and Prague to cities beyond Europe such as Moscow, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Projects vary from glass sculptures for private residences to large-scale installations for luxury boutiques and hotels. The company has ten international offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America.

Lasvit’s glass-art designs combine the finest traditions and craftsmanship of Bohemian glassmaking with world-class research and development facilities for design, engineering, lighting technology and metal manufacturing, all under one roof.

Lighting and luxury aboard the Royal Princess

One of Lasvit’s latest glass installations was realised in the ultra-luxurious cruise ship Royal Princess. Beautiful glass sculptures made by Lasvit brighten up the unique atmosphere on board. The Royal Princess combines modern technologies with grandeur, comfort and breathtaking experience.

Special attention should be paid to the lighting installations from Lasvit, which has created over 20 custom-made lighting scuptures for the ship’s public spaces. Each bespoke Lasvit design transforms glass into a spectacular, emotive lighting experience, bringing life to light and light to life.

The 3,600 passengers aboard the Royal Princess can admire Lasvit’s crystal and glass art lighting creations adoring the atrium, ‘wine cellar’ dining rooms and decks. Lasvit’s designers fully respected all interior design concepts and developed elegant and expansive glass sculptures that perfectly complement the luxurious interiors.

The two most significant installations made by Lasvit embellish the ship’s public areas. First of all, ‘Reflection’ dominates the atrium and comes from the pen of Lasvit’s in-house designer Petra Krausová. Krausová found her inspiration in the reflections on the surface of the sea and realised it using hand-blown marine animals arranged in seemingly random groupings. Through their amorphous forms and optical attributes, the hand-blown glass components perfectly embody the element of water.

Other dominant features of the atrium are the two large glass sculptures going by the name of ‘Gyration’, from the designer Mária Hostinová. Her design was inspired by the circular movement of a flock of birds. When looking at the sculpture, one has the feeling that the crystal flock of birds is actually flying. Both sculptures hang from the ceiling all the way down to the floor, creating a unique atmosphere throughout the whole space.

Lasvit is passionately committed to being a client’s first choice for design lighting and bespoke glass installations for the most impressive environments worldwide.