We create emotion – wiegand.maelzer is a leading specialist in the water entertainment business and supplier of wet and dry slides. We deliver premium quality attractions made of stainless steel and FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic) in all imaginable shapes, colours and sizes. From professional planning to complete assembly and safety inspection, our team can offer a full range of services.

Every slide is different and can be customised with a grand variety of special effects. The only limits are general laws of physics, safety and your imagination!

Our internal developing and engineering make us very flexible and enable us to offer a central point of contact. Our in-house production for slide elements, support construction and staircase systems makes us highly flexible and efficient towards delivery deadlines. Our engineers and customer services are at your full disposal at any stage of the process and will go beyond to fulfill your requests.

Since 2009 we also equip cruise ships with our slides. Thanks to our competences in steel construction and planning we have been able to convince our customers that they have chosen the right partner in us. Receiving and filling orders for the world’s top cruise companies and shipyards has been supporting us to reach the status as high standing manufacturer in the industry.


wiegand.maelzer, your water slide supplier, stands for individuality, creativity, experience and safety, Made in Germany.
We offer various types and shapes of water slides for your cruise ship. From kids and family slides to speed slides and double racer or slides for the ultimate adrenaline kick, the choice is yours. Long-term know-how within the cruise industry has been letting us become experts in creating limited space solutions without losing the focus on the number of guest capacity.

Our slides are made of FRP and / or stainless steel which can be painted depending on your requirements. The repertoire consists of body and raft slides, open slides and closed tubes. Theming and lighting are part of our core areas as well. From colored daylight rings to water curtains, we know how to make the most of your ideas.

Particularly for cruise ships we are proud to provide the possibility to install full transparent tube sections completely made of acrylic. Like this you combine the impressions of the slide with the amazing atmosphere of the sea – an adventurous experience directly over the ocean.

Virtual Reality Slide

When you combine the magic of virtual reality (VR) with the thrill of Water slides, an entirely new dimension of fun is unlocked. wiegand.maelzer has partnered with aquatic VR experts Ballast to design an advance a VR system that can be adapted to work with new builds and already existing water slides. The secret lies in creating expertly designed content that is accurately mapped to the movements of each slide, controlled by a revolutionary tracking system that is simple to install and to monitor.

VR enhances each rider’s experience, allowing them to focus on beautiful virtual worlds and be pleasantly surprised throughout the ride. The system comes with a unique headset that is comfortable, light weight, waterproof and easy to maintain. And while the tracking system is complex on the inside, it is unobtrusive and simple to operate. Visitors will have a reason to come back every season to discover a new story and take in a new experience.

Virtual Reality Snorkeling

wiegand.maelzer is proud to present DIVR – the world’s first VR snorkeling attraction from Ballast. DIVR allows cruise ships and water parks to transform any ordinary pool into a vibrant, exciting attraction that allows guests to have a full-body, sensory experience, which takes them on a journey through coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves in exotic locations.

With the state-of-the-art VR diving headset, guests will swim alongside turtles, mesmerising fish, manta rays and massive whales to see a new world that was previously only accessible to advanced scuba divers in remote dive spots around the world.

Kids Water play Area

Over the years it has become a specialty of ours to create unique experiences for kids. We plan and realise your individual kids play area, customised to the circumstances on your ship and individual wishes – the ultimate experience for kids of every age. Sliding, splashing, climbing, exploring, playing whilst learning along the way will stimulate all the senses. Wave slides, tube slides, water tunnels, play tower and fountains are just some of the features and elements that we have available to you.

Do not hesitate contacting us for any exciting new idea you have. We will bear the challenge and develop your dream ride! Contact us at:


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