Villeroy & Boch tableware combines high-quality materials with attractive design and exquisite craftsmanship to create a unique dining experience onboard your cruise ship.

Offering excellent food and beverage service is significantly simplified by having stylish tableware onboard. Operators will therefore benefit from partners with the ability to design arts de la table as well as vast experience in the requirements of the food and beverage service industry.

Creating tableware has been a core competency of Villeroy & Boch since 1748. Throughout this long period of time, the company has been working with some of the world’s most famous chefs while also equipping numerous volume-driven businesses.

These two focal points – design and functionality – were the inspiration for Villeroy & Boch’s most recent developments, Affinity and Sedona Function. The Affinity range doesn’t just look great, it also gives cruise lines everything they need to satisfy customers, while reducing the hard work needed to do so. The 70 different items in the range offer almost countless options of combinations and applications for creating endless exciting menus and adopting new culinary styles.

For example, a handleless mug can serve delicious hot chocolate in the morning, a tasty dessert for lunch and crispy grissini during cocktail hour, while simply changing from round platters to oval ones gives the table an all-new look. What guests won’t see, but crews will notice, is the lightweight design of Affinity, which is largely unmatched by other tableware on the market.

Form and function

‘White on white’ is the design theme of the functional and very high-quality concept Sedona Function, which is made of premium porcelain. Launched in 2012, this range is an extension of the well-known Sedona line, which provides a contemporary interpretation of the classical tableware relief theme. Subtly woven lines give rise to an intricate pattern that makes the tableware an elegant framework for delicate culinary creations.

While Sedona offers exciting design for fine dining and à la carte restaurants, Sedona Function offers all the functional features you need in buffet restaurants and snack bars. By combining the two ranges, a stylish design theme can be set on the tables throughout the vessel, while the porcelain adapts to the specific requirements of each outlet.

Setting a business apart from the competition means promoting the brand discreetly but noticeably. This can mean showing a logo or displaying a design that picks up corporate design elements and is unique to the brand. Dinnerware is a perfect platform on which to apply this approach, if the manufacturer supports the development of customised designs.

At Villeroy & Boch, the Custom Made Solutions department offers exciting individual solutions that help create a unique and memorable dining experience.

As a full service provider, offering a professional flatware and crystal range comes naturally to Villeroy & Boch. The company’s cutlery delivers high-quality materials, attractive design and perfect craftsmanship. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, it is perfect for professional catering purposes. The glass ranges offer practical shapes, creative design and state-of-the-art manufactured crystalware with durable professional quality.

For cruise ship operators, the following service programmes of Villeroy & Boch will be particularly interesting:

  • the Article Always Available programme, which ensures that everything is ready for delivery when needed
  • on-time delivery, which is crucial for the smooth running of harbours’ tight schedules.

Villeroy & Boch has supplied cruise ships in Europe and the US for many years, and knows how to satisfy the needs of the industry.

Company profile

At just a little more than 30 years of age, the Hotel & Restaurant Division at Villeroy & Boch is a relatively young area of the European branded company with over 260 years of success with ceramic products.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, the Hotel & Restaurant Division at Villeroy & Boch offers customers in the catering and lodging industries optimum support, with high-quality tableware for hotels and restaurants all over the world. Its product concepts and services are always oriented with the needs of field professionals in mind and draw on the originality, creativity, quality and cosmopolitan flair of this leading brand.

But professional tableware by Villeroy & Boch also stands for the highest standards of functionality and practicality, featuring select grades of porcelain with lead-free glazes, stackable forms, series with up to 60 perfectly coordinated articles – and dishwasher-, salamander- and microwave-safe for use in hotels and restaurants. The special quality of this material makes porcelain extremely durable for the mechanical strains of everyday use. The Hotel & Restaurant Division provides an exclusive, 5-year edge-chipping warranty on its Premium Porcelain hotel tableware.

The Hotel & Restaurant Division at Villeroy & Boch is a winner when it comes to service, too: Local contacts – who often come from the food-service sector themselves and are thus intimately familiar with customers’ specific needs – are there to provide hoteliers and restaurateurs the competent, individualized advice they need. This is complemented by quick, direct – even "just-in-time" – delivery and in-depth assistance with special requests. Its outstanding décor technique puts Villeroy & Boch in a position to produce custom-designed creations. If the customer wishes, entire series can be produced featuring a company logo, for instance, a slogan or emblem yet an entire new and customized design (the so-called "CMS" designs, "custom-made solutions"). What’s more: the Hotel & Restaurant Division delivers not only professional-grade tableware but also crystal, cutlery and accessories for use in hotels and restaurants.

Ever since its creation in 1980, the Hotel & Restaurant Division has steadily expanded its worldwide presence and is now active throughout Europe, in the USA and Australia, in the growth markets of Asia and Africa, and in the Arab Emirates.