Since 1990 Ultra Fog has manufactured efficient and environmentally friendly high-pressure water mist firefighting systems. Today, we have a global presence and a complete package of marine approvals and our goal is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

After extensive fire testing we are able to provide applications for all relevant standards with a very good performance for the protection of machinery spaces, RoRo decks, balconies, accommodation areas, and kitchen and fryers/galley ducts. The results show that Ultra Fog’s water mist will be the best supplier when performance, quality and physical facts count. Ultra Fog’s designs allow for a lightweight system with low water requirements in flow and a reduced number of nozzles, which result in faster installation and less expensive solution.

Ultra Fog high-pressure sprinkle nozzles

The sprinkler nozzle in Ultra Fog sprinkler system is used to create water fog from pressurised water. The nozzles are totally developed by Ultra Fog AB and are unique in many ways. There are two main types of nozzles in the Ultra Fog system but common to both is the way the water fog is created. The nozzles can be coated or painted in almost any material or colour. As standard the nozzles are polished stainless steel.

Nozzles with glass bulb

The nozzle with a bulb is normally closed and is used in systems with conventional activation. In the top of the nozzle there is a glass bulb that keeps a piston in place. The piston prevents the nozzle from leaking. When the nozzle is affected by the heat of the fire, the glass bulb will burst, releasing the piston. The water will then pass through the nozzle creating small droplets.

Open nozzles

The open nozzle is normally open and is used in systems with intelligent activation. The water will pass through the nozzle, creating small droplets as soon as the pipe to the nozzle is pressurised with water.

Ultra Fog high-pressure water mist system offers custom, modular-designed pump unit to maximise performance and minimise space.

The pump unit is used to supply the sprinkler system with water at high pressure. The Ultra Fog pump unit is built on a water tank and consists of two high pressure pumps driven by electrical motors. There are also filters, a high-pressure manifold with pressure sensors and a flow sensor. Normally, the electrical cabinet containing all electronics is mounted on the pump unit to make the installation easier.

Besides the ordinary pump unit there is an extension unit. It is built up by a water tank and two high pressure pumps with electrical motors. This unit is connected to the ordinary pump unit to increase the pump capacity for larger systems. If needed, more extension pump units can be added.

The pump unit is activated by external sensors, detectors or by the internal flow sensor. When the pump unit is activated the fire alarm will start as well as the first high-pressure pump. If a single pump can’t provide enough water for the system at the correct pressure, the next pump will start. The pilot pressure is created by an air-driven pump to increase the length of life and reliability.
The internal water tank guarantees that the high-pressure pumps are always supplied with water. At sea, seawater can be used as a backup for the system if the level in the fresh water tank is too low.

Ultra Fog classification, testing and approvals

Our IMO/Class certified applications protect machinery spaces with total flooding up to 5,000m3 with a one nozzle layer and local applications from a height of 0.5m. In accommodation areas we cover public spaces with 28m2 per sprinkler and a cabin up to 48m2 with a single nozzle. Galleys with fat fryers and ducts can be integrated with the accommodation and are continuously in stand-by, ready to activate instantly, even after a previous discharge has occurred. Balconies are protected with dedicated sprinklers, protected from freezing conditions.

Ultra Fog as a leading and internationally recognised company invests intensely in R&D, fire testing and quality management, constantly pushing the frontier of fire protection technology.

At Ultra Fog, customer service extends into a well-developed and expanding after-sales service provision, as we strive to achieve excellence and long term support to our growing client list throughout the lifetime of the system.