Total Lubmarine, a division of Total Lubrifiants S.A., provides the shipping industry with pioneering marine lubricants and greases. The company is dedicated to partnering with its customers to provide turnkey solutions to their lubricant needs. A genuinely local partner, with sales and technical support based in 100 countries, Total Lubmarine provides one of the world’s largest delivery hub networks – supplying to over 1,000 ports worldwide.



Marine trunk piston engine oil for 4-stroke engines burning 100% Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

AURELIA LNG is a marine trunk piston engine oil used for medium speed gas engines in harsh conditions. AURELIA LNG is a family of new generation low ash lubricants, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval and to protect gas engines. The specific additives provide important anti-wear and anticorrosion properties. Very low deposits-forming ensured by excellent cleanliness when in contact with hot engine parts. High anti-wear properties for optimal protection of the most stressed parts.

AURELIA LNG is a product range that customers can rely on, firmly reinforced by the approvals of a large number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), such as, Caterpillar Energy Solutions, Deutz, MAN Energy Solutions, MTU and Rolls-Royce Bergen.


A range of marine trunk piston engine oils for 4-stroke high-medium speed diesel engines running on distillate fuel oil or Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)

DISOLA M range of marine trunk piston engine oils designed for the lubrication of high and medium speed diesel engines running on distillate fuel oil or MDO. Offering good thermal stability: good detergent properties at high temperatures and good dispersing properties at low temperatures, oil film strength at extreme pressures, excellent water resistance: capacity for centrifuging and for separating out water and insolubles, and excellent filtration capacity.

DISOLA meets API CF specifications and satisfies the requirements of the major engine designers. The product meets NATO requirements for lubrication oil type O-278 (STANAG 4596) and is approved by the French Navy under specification STM 210A.

In addition to engine oils, Total Lubmarine also produces a full range of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and auxiliary mineral lubricants. To see the full product list, visit



Easy-to-use onboard lubricant laboratories for rapid feedback on lubricant condition

TECH’CARE gives rapid feedback on lubricant condition that, if necessary, supports immediate corrective action to safeguard the machinery. The TECH’CARE range of equipment is intended to be robust for use in marine applications and to give reliable and repeatable results. All TECH’CARE reagents are considered non-hazardous for road, sea and air transportation, meaning we can ship them to your vessel at almost any destination using conventional courier services. There are three TECH’CARE products:

  • TECH’CARE STANDARD Equipped with the advanced Rapid Oil Test Gauge to measure and monitor the water content of lubricants up to 1.5%. The gauge is conveniently controlled by the operator using a front panel keypad with display whilst a USB communication port is provided to download test results to a computer.
  • TECH’CAREPRO.2 A true portable lubricant analysis mini-laboratory. It has all of the features included with our TECH’CARE STANDARD and adds the further tests for measurement of insolubles and base number (BN) which are relevant to vessels equipped with internal combustion engines (Water content to 1.5% H2O, Alkaline reserve to 140 BN, viscosity, sea water presence, carbon matters content, residual detergent & dispersant capacity).
  • TECH’CARE TCC Provides ship operators with a compact onboard kit that allows them to quickly and easily measure the level of all iron contained in the cylinder drain oil sample. Regular use of TECH’CARE TCC to monitor data trends is extremely important and should be complemented by onshore laboratory tests provided by our DIAGOMAR PLUS service.


Onshore lubricant analysis to thoroughly monitor the health of your equipment

DIAGOMAR PLUS carefully monitors lubricant and equipment condition to help you proactively detect and react to any abnormalities and contamination preventing unnecessary wear or damage before it happens. Monitoring lubricant condition ensures we can help you to optimise drain intervals ensuring reduced equipment downtime resulting in an optimal cost benefit to you.

  • Lubricant sampling kits enabling any crew member to take a sample and send it away to one of our laboratories.
  • Four laboratories worldwide located at Ertvelde, Singapore, Shanghai and Panama City.
  • Local Marine Lubricant Engineers audit the results of your analysis, providing comments and advice to help you manage your lubricant and equipment.
  • Results are available within two working days of us receiving the samples and are archived online at

DIAGOMAR PLUS reports contain details such as: viscosity, flashpoint, BN, water content, insoluble content, acid number (AN), oxidation by infrared (IR), elemental analysis and particle quantifier.


Total Lubmarine engineers on-hand at locations across the world to assist with any lubrication issues

Bringing our experts onboard gives crews the opportunity to gain a practical insight into dealing with lubrication management. Marine Lubricant Engineers are able to visit your offices or vessels at short notice to help you with:

  • Engine inspections and troubleshooting
  • Technical investigations
  • Shipyard or switchover support
  • Routine and ad hoc equipment inspection or long-term follow-up
  • Training for your crew on the fundamental aspects of marine lubrication.

Experts can come onboard and deal with specific lubrication problems, review or analyse current practices and recommend any necessary improvements to the lubrication process. A proactive approach to lubrication reduces the risk of future operational problems and unforeseen costs.

Our Marine Lubricant Engineers are supported by our research centre and work closely with OEM engineers to solve any lubrication problems.


Practical and up-to-date training to ensure optimal performance

We believe in keeping our customers well informed and a step ahead of their next problem. We can offer bespoke technical seminars, using innovative tools designed to help you develop a successful strategy for the management and use of marine lubricants.

Topics include:

  • Lubrication Basics: The technology and functions of lubricants.
  • Marine Lubricants: Choosing a lubricant for an application.
  • Lubricant Analysis: How to interpret the results of the analysis.
  • Drain Oil Analysis: Why, when, and how to interpret the results of the analysis.
  • Cylinder oil feed rate optimisation: Understanding the optimum feed rate.
  • Case Studies: Identification of operational issues and corresponding solutions.