Ever since its establishment in Oslo, Norway, in 1772, ropemaker Timm’s focus has been to produce safe and solid mooring solutions to secure its customers’ assets, adapting its operations to suit the needs of shipping at that time.

When sailing ships were most popular, Timm produced ropes from handspun natural mixed soft fibres. During the period of steamships, this was superseded by natural hard fibres such as manila, hemp, sisal and coco. These fibres found a broader range of applications since they proved to be significantly stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.

After the Second World War, synthetic polymer fibres revolutionised the textile industries. Timm has always embraced new opportunities, trying to be in forefront in adapting new material sciences into rope production. As the quality of raw material and manufacturing processes has developed, synthetic fibres have resulted in a constant improvement in strength, resistance to moisture, dynamic properties and lifespan.

Timm’s marine products will continue to secure customers assets throughout the world. Recreational boaters everywhere use the company’s yacht and sailing ropes. Its commercial fishing products include those for fish-farm mooring solutions, as well as those of net lines, purse lines, trawl lines and crab ropes. Timm’s cable stabiliser ropes cater to the ever-increasing energy markets.

Timm will continue to expand its global sales and service capabilities, and actively seek to remain at the forefront of rope developments, introducing new solutions to support existing and new customers within the merchant marine, cruise and offshore industries, at home and abroad.

The company’s unwavering commitment to customers, coupled with its rich history, manufacturing flexibility and support services shall continue to guide it into the future.