Oceanic Group is a holding company with businesses focused on the Cruise and Leisure industry and is one of the leading ship management companies in Asia. Oceanic Group is proud to be a member of the Singapore Compact, a signatory and focal point of the United Nations Global Compact. Operated by a team with over 15 years in industry and with the mission of tapping into Asia’s growth for cruise, shipping products and services, Oceanic Group is committed to understanding and providing the needs of their clients.

Oceanic Group products are unique and innovative and we manage all stages of a cruise project from start-up to delivery. Each project is approached with a focus on Aesthetics, cost, functionality and naval engineering. We incorporate Oceanic Guiding Philosophy (4 E’s) into each project namely Entertainment, Endearment, Excitement and Education. Apart from the philosophy, Oceanic Group forms alliances with investors and suppliers of reputable companies thus it is able to provide unique and unparalleled service with competitive pricing.

Oceanic Group services include Cruise Ship Management, Cruise Consultancy services, Cruise Ship Sales & Purchase, Cruise ship chartering, Cruise Terminal Consultancy, Cruise Special Project, Cruise Ship Sales & Marketing, Port Shipping Agents and Floating Home/Community Development.