TGE Marine ‘The Gas Experts’ since 1980. TGE Marine is the leading solution provider, specialising in cargo handling systems and tanks for LPG, LEG, Ethane, and LNG carriers. TGE Marine is a pioneer in LNG fuel gas systems, LNG bunker vessels, and LNG-to-Power solutions.

The company has contracted gas handling and storage systems to more than 220 gas tankers, built at shipyards across Asia, Europe and South America.

The head office in Bonn, Germany is a technical centre of excellence with core competencies in design and engineering. The branch office in Shanghai, provides marketing, site supervision and project management activities.

LNG as fuel

TGE Marine has pioneered the development of LNG fuel gas systems. TGE Marine’s portfolio of fuel gas systems includes tankers, container vessels, RoRo, ConRo, RoPax, VLOC’s, car carriers and gas carriers. TGE’s track record includes systems for all major engine makers and types of engine (2-stroke, 4-stroke, high/low pressure).

LNG Carriers & Bunker Vessels

TGE Marine has a proven track record for small LNG carriers of 5 – 30,000m³ capacity and delivered the cargo handling system of 4 LNG bunker vessels in operation today. TGE’s supply includes cargo tanks and complete gas handling system for LNG carriers and bunker vessel of up to 40,000m³ capacity.

Small scale LNG

TGE Marine supplies cost-efficient and innovative offshore storage and shipping solutions for the small-scale LNG market. TGE Marine is market leader for the market segment of LNG bunker vessels and LNG shuttle carriers up to 40,000m³ capacity. Four LNG bunker vessels are in operation with a TGE gas handling system.

Ethylene/LPG carriers

As an industry leader TGE Marine supplies cargo handling systems and cargo tanks for LEG and LPG carriers with a track record of more than 220 gas tankers. Vessels have been built at more than 20 shipyards across Europe, Asia and America for all major gas shipping companies and pools.


TGE Marine has developed small and medium scale LNG import solutions making the supply of gas attractive to mid-size energy centres and remote gas consumers. Floating LNG storage systems can be used for monetizing "stranded" gases on production barges (FPSO) as well as for import barges with regasification equipment (FSRU).

LNG to Power

TGE Marine LNG provides LNG import solutions in combination with power production to mid-size energy centres with output ranging from 100 MW to 500 MW. Combining small to mid-scale LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) with floating power barges provides flexible and easy access to emerging energy markets.