TeamTec is a world leading manufacturer of marine incinerators and stripping ejectors to the shipping and offshore industry.

In 2016, TeamTec expanded its product range to include the AVITALIS ballast water treatment system as well as the exhaust gas cleaning system, SeaSOx scrubbers.

SeaSOx scrubber uses seawater as washing medium and operates in an open loop as well as closed loop or in hybrid mode for optimum flexibility and economy.

Depending on the ship’s operating profile, exhaust gas cleaning can secure enormous savings in fuel costs by complying with the new sulphur regulations and thus provide payback periods of between one and three years.

SeaSOx scrubbers can be installed on all types of ships, either on a new build or retrofit basis, thanks to its flexibility.
TeamTec AVITALIS BWTS is a filter and chemical injection system that ensures complete and environmentally green ballast water cleaning at full ballast flow and in any temperature, salinity and turbidity.

AVITALIS BWTS works by sequential combination of a two-stage treatment during ballasting. The health of the aquatic environment is safeguarded by means of chemical monitoring and optional neutralisation of the ballast water during discharge.

PERACLEAN® Ocean is the chemical compound used with the AVITALIS BWTS and is supplied by Evonik, one of the world’s leading companies in specialty chemicals.

TeamTec incinerators are a perfect solution for handling solid and liquid waste, mainly onboard vessels and offshore installations, but also used onshore. The key feature of the incinerators is that they have a fully automatic, PLC-controlled process for environmentally optimal waste destruction.

TeamTec stripping ejectors enable vessels to move liquids and solids in order to empty tanks in a very efficient manner. Their key feature is the durable and long lasting alloys in customised design for the highest grade of efficiency.