svt Products GmbH, headquartered in Seevetal near Hamburg (Germany), has pooled the international sales activities relating to the certified fire protection systems and fire protection products manufactured by svt, AIK, Kuhn and Flamro, thus enabling these highly specialised manufacturers to offer one of Europe's largest fire protection product and solution portfolio in passive structural fire protection under one powerful roof, namely that of svt. The portfolio stretches from ablative and intumescent fire protection coatings, sealing compounds and fillers via fire protection fabrics and fire protection bags to cable tubes.

The internationally certified products and penetration seals, which are offered under the brand names of PYRO-SAFE®, FLAMMADUR®, GEAQUELLO®, ROKU®, KERAFIX® and FLAMRO®, respectively, are sold worldwide by svt Products GmbH – to customers in over 60 countries. One-off solutions that are tailored to suit the specific needs of international customers round out the extensive range. All fire protection systems and products sold by svt Products GmbH are quality-ensured by thorough in-house research and development, and continuous improvement is a matter of course.

Fire protection for ships and offshore facilities

Penetration seals for pipes and cables on ships or offshore facilities can be perfectly implemented with the proven GEAQUELLO® and FLAMMADUR® products made by AIK Flammadur Brandschutz GmbH. These products meet stringent requirements not only in terms of fire-resistant functionality, but also in terms of gas tightness and resistance to water pressure. Also, the systems withstand extreme weather conditions, oils, operating supplies and chemicals. Decades of experience in the provision of top-notch protective solutions designed for use in high-conductivity EMC/EMP areas speak for themselves.

Research & development

The svt Group of Companies excels not only at manufacture, but also conducts ongoing in-depth research and development at four locations with a view to creating market-relevant innovations and extensions to proven systems. With six in-house testing furnaces and numerous service centres in place, svt can deliver the optimum solution to each client in terms of efficiency, safety and fast response whenever and wherever needed. Regular quality control and inspection also matter to svt, as does know-how transfer with the scientific community, including research institutes and universities. These priorities together form the strong foundation on which the group's innovation and progress are built.

Tailormade solutions

Customised product development for industrial environments is in high demand – and a need that the svt Group meets by steadily expanding its capabilities and services in this area. The focus over the recent years has been on aircraft, ships, rolling stock, façades, doors and glazing systems as well as on batteries and automotive (e-mobility) applications, to name but a few. All products and systems developed by svt not only meet a wide range of different fire protection requirements, but also satisfy other specific conditions, including fitness for use on combustible substrates, exceptional weathering resistance and savings in weight.