Spradling is the leading manufacturer and worldwide partner for Coated Fabrics. The company's research and design teams are committed to continuous innovation by offering its customers performance-driven coated fabrics. Suitable for upholstering any interior and exterior environment, Spradling offers to the cruise industry an extensive collection of different up-to-date colours and textures to cover sophisticated furniture innovations. 28 Contract coated fabrics will bring a smooth touch for the interior applications, and 21 Outdoor coated fabrics will offer design and hight-performance to those spaces that are exposed to the most challenging weather conditions.

Responsible Production Facilities

Behind every Spradling® product, there is a bigger purpose. Our design goes beyond enhancing spaces and meeting the most demanding needs. We are motivated by a commitment to the future, by having a positive impact on the environment, and by enhancing the lives of people and communities around us.

The company believes that an outstanding product should be produced under the most responsible manufacturing process. That is the reason why Spradling has taken many steps towards eco-friendly Coated Fabric production. The manufacturing facilities in Colombia and Costa Rica have been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that make efficient use of natural resources and prevent harmful by-products from being released into the environment. In doing this, the firm achieved the most robust certificate of ISO 14.001 and had become a 100% Carbon Neutral company since 2014. 

Up-to-the-minute Philosophy 

Being up-to-the-minute is part of Spradling's philosophy, especially regarding colour and design. The firm's designers are continually tracking the latest market trends around the world to use them as inspiration for creating new coated fabrics. Based on Pantone's colour predictions and taking into account leading design forecasts, Spradling's colour experts identify the most important trends and applies them to the company's products.  

High performance Coated Fabrics 

While texture and colour make Spradling's products unique, its performance ensures resistance and durability. They are produced to meet the most demanding requirements that open or public environments entail. Their different smart protection finishes such as PERMABLOK3®, PERMABLOK3®PLUS and PERMAGUARD®, preserve these Coated Fabrics against virus, bacterias, stains and abrasion. Those protection finishes also ensure easy-cleaning properties which make that your upholstered surfaces always look as new.

Spradling's full commitment in complying the strictest technical requirements is reflected in their broad portfolio where you will find a large variety of PHTHALATE-FREE products and references meeting Fire Resistant certificates such as MED and IMO. Its excellency turns their Coated Fabrics into a high-quality solution for covering sophisticated furniture innovations.