Tanamera’s indulgent wellness products are leading in the Asian spa and wellness arena. The company’s body masks, body scrubs, massage oils, fragrances and soaps are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and are manufactured according to a traditional Malaysian recipe. Spa Vivent distributes Tanamera’s tropical spa products throughout Europe.

Tanamera is a novelty, particularly for the cruise sector. In an industry where it is absolutely vital to offer a deluxe onboard wellness centre, Tanamera is guaranteed to set operators apart as a result of its exotic and alternative line of spa products.

The Tanamera ethos

Since its foundation seven years ago, Tanamera has developed a range of exotic, traditional and modern spa products, based on tropical herbs and essences. They are eco-friendly, vegan and 100% natural and sustainable – including the packaging – and the brand lends every wellness area an exclusive aura.

From cocoa bean peels and hibiscus masks to coconut wraps and Himalayan rock salt scrubs, each product has a uniqueness and purity that is typical of Tanamera. And, most importantly, the products can also be combined with classical spa treatments; in fact, Spa Vivent is not only providing these sumptuous products, but also training onboard spa staff. Tanamera’s primary concern is that wellness professionals continue the natural traditions of the brand.

As well as experiencing a beautiful journey with an exclusive entertainment and catering programme, passengers will enjoy a unique spa treatment, which they will look forward to and remember along with the cruise. The exotic feeling Tanamera evokes is the perfect complement to healthy food and lovely places – a true feast for body and soul.

Welcome onboard

Tanamera is already going global: five-star luxury hotels and resorts, spa clinics and exclusive cosmetic studios are using the brand in Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the US and Vietnam. And now, meeting modern spa customers’ demand for natural products, Tanamera is boarding cruise liners.

To introduce Tanamera, a Welcome on Board wellness kit has been developed especially for luxury liners. The kit contains Tanamera tropical wellness products and can be designed with the name and logo of your very own ship.

This is the ultimate way to encourage passengers to explore the wellness area onboard. Whether offered as a booking gift, upon boarding, as a welcome gift in the cabin, or in the onboard shop, the Welcome on Board wellness kit gives a sensual impression of Tanamera and, by extension, the ship’s spa or wellness centre. Guests can touch and smell the unique herbal products – the scent and feel of Mother Nature – making them long to experience the special onboard Tanamera wellness treatments.

From Malaysia to Europe

German importer Spa Vivent, headquartered near Hamburg, pursues the Tanamera tradition. With firm conviction, Spa Vivent distributes only natural niche products. That is why the Tanamera range of tropical spa products fits the company’s remit like no other. Thanks to the company’s sincere marketing of Tanamera, it is now a well-known brand in Europe.

Spa Vivent offers professional cabinware, retailware, hotelware and ship supplies. Upon the uptake of the versatile and specially designed Welcome on Board wellness kit, cruise operators are guaranteed a reliable supply of products, as well as in-depth information and specialist staff training.