Thanks to its combination of state-of-the-art technology and technical expertise, Seafaring Security Services offers a range of surveillance applications designed to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Part of the security technology and integration division of Invizeon Corporation, Seafaring Security Services has a singular focus on commercial maritime security and surveillance applications.

In the process of providing solutions to more than 60 ships – under way and in shipyards, new build and retrofit – Seafaring Security Services has built a strong reputation worldwide among the commercial maritime industry and United States Naval Special Warfare Command.

The company’s range of surveillance solutions include:

  • advanced CCTV
  • video content analysis
  • CCTV recording and long-term retention
  • thermal navigation systems
  • system design and project consulting
  • Varuna Man Overboard systems (V-MOB)
  • shipboard perimeter detection systems (anti-piracy)
  • radio frequency identification and tracking
  • engine room early-warning systems
  • system maintenance and sustainability.

"Our strength is recognising the importance of matching technologies, processes and people to meet our customers’ operational security requirements, while minimising their risks," says Christopher Linscott, technical operations director at Seafaring Security Services.

Seafaring’s mission is to provide commercial customers with innovative technology solutions by using state-of-the-art equipment and pioneering technical expertise. Its team combines proven methods, techniques and procedures to produce an effective technical approach that will meet, and in many cases exceed, all the stated requirements of each customer.

"We have a reputation in this industry that is second to none for providing innovative system design, quality installation and punctual service of security and surveillance systems onboard the world’s finest passenger cruise vessels," says Seafaring Security Services president Matt Winans.

Seafaring Security Services is not tied to any specific manufacturer or costly proprietary equipment, which allows it focus purely on the design of flexible, open-architecture, ONVIF-compliant solutions. With more than 75 years’ combined experience in the commercial maritime sector, the company’s programme-management team uses reliable and measurable standards and procedures that are consistent with those of the International Organization for Standardization, and the methodology of a common approach to project management.

Seafaring Security Services is a proven leader in technical security and surveillance, specialising in:

  • lifecycle management
  • programme management
  • surveillance engineering design
  • project consulting
  • communications and sensor technology
  • technical integration
  • system maintenance
  • inventory control
  • component-level repair
  • engineering consulting
  • programme management.

Seafaring Security Services’ past performance in maritime security allows the company to assist its customers in preventing and managing incidents more efficiently through the innovative application of proven technologies that reduce the potential for human error.

With its focus on the marine industry and, in particular, the cruise line industry, the company has developed an in-depth knowledge that is unrivalled in the maritime security industry. It continually strives to excel and has proven many times that its dedication to meeting customers’ requirements is superlative.

"All of our work in the maritime sector has culminated into our ability to provide our customers with the most modern and cost-effective solutions for their ships," concludes Winans.