The ROCHEM Group designs and manufactures proprietary and patented membrane-based equipment to the highest quality standards and provides customers with a global sales and after sales service network in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The ROCHEM group of companies was founded in 1973 with a vision to serve the water, wastewater and chemical needs of marine customers in all major ports throughout the world. ROCHEM first entered the membrane separation business by introducing Reverse Osmosis water making systems into its product line for ships in 1982. In 1986 ROCHEM introduced the Disc Tube (DT) Module Technology which received worldwide patent coverage and international acclaim. This technology was subsequently upgraded with the introduction of the patented Plate Tube (PT) module. ROCHEM marine RO plants are favoured by operators with over 1,800 installations of varying capacities in daily use all over the world. Certified by all well-known Classification Societies, ROCHEM systems do not require chemical pre-treatment, are fully automatic, avoid fouling problems and are easy to maintain. In 2003 Rochem launched the Spacer Tube (ST) Module which offers all the reliability and operability advantages of previous ROCHEM systems but with improved capacity and a much reduced footprint and weight.

In 1989, ROCHEM entered the industrial landfill market using detailed RO knowledge to remove and concentrate impurities from leachate to dramatically reduce disposal costs. Some of the largest landfill sites treating leachate with Reverse Osmosis rely on the specialist know how and technology of ROCHEM to minimise the environmental impact.

To overcome the fouling problems experienced by standard ultra filtration systems when treating difficult waste waters, ROCHEM developed and patented the FM Module. The FM MODULE technology addresses special requirements such as the treatment of Black and Grey Water on ships as well as the treatment of various industrial waste waters in order to meet ever tightening environmental discharge requirements. The FM MODULE is the key component of Bio-Filt, a highly efficient and small footprint MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR. Its innovative treatment technology replaces conventional mechanical and aerobic biological sewage treatment plants for ships, hotel complexes and villages. Based on a high-density biological process combined with an externally mounted FM module, Bio-Filt produces a pure, clean water for discharge without requiring additional chlorination or other chemical treatment.