Resolve Maritime Academy, a subsidiary of Resolve Marine Group, is a maritime safety and simulation training centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US. The academy’s two divisions – the simulation training centre, and fire and safety – offer certification programmes such as marine firefighting, damage control, bridge resource management, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) and integrated bridge systems, and customised training for the global maritime industry. All courses meet or exceed regulatory standards.

Academy instructors and operators are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences through classroom and simulator-based training. The simulation training centre features a state-of-the-art, class A full mission bridge, a bridge wing and four mini bridges. All simulators operate separately or together to enable a variety of simulated missions. The academy’s engine-room simulator interfaces with the full mission bridge for a variety of courses including resource management, where main bridge officers interact with engine officers in the engine room. This latest offering takes simulation training to a level of realism that is exceptional in the industry.

The academy’s ECDIS classrooms accommodate training using four different systems. Each student station is a mini bridge simulator with visuals, radar, ECDIS and ships conning pages. As a member of the Transas Get Net ECDIS Training Network, the academy provides manufacturer-approved, type-specific training on Navi-Sailor 4000. Partnerships with Sperry and SAM Electronics will soon allow the academy to issue approved, type-specific certificates for the industry’s three largest ECDIS manufacturers.

The fire and safety training division has operated for more than 15 years, and trained thousands of mariners in basic and advanced firefighting, fast rescue boat, Haz-Mat and damage control. The school’s centrepiece is the T/V Gray Manatee, a three-deck ship simulator for live shipboard firefighting training. As well as classroom instruction, there is also a damage control wet-trainer that recreates vessel damage/flooding scenarios for damage repair training.

All courses are approved or certified by internationally recognised agencies, including the US Coast Guard (USCG) and the UK’s Marine and Coastguard Agency. Academy clients include the US Navy, the USCG, cruise lines, offshore companies and private yacht operators.

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