When you need to react quickly to an emergency at sea situation, there is no room for error or delay. Resmar has found the answer in the Solo TI fire helmet, from Halo Thermal Imaging.

Resmar has been a leading retailer of marine and fire safety equipment since 1973, and is delighted to offer customers the Solo TI fire helmet from Halo Thermal Imaging. Halo has produced the Solo helmet for many years, and it is well recognised in the industry as the ultimate in protection for crew and fire fighters. With a built-in breathing apparatus mask, outstanding communications ability and thermal imaging capability, the Solo TI has all bases covered.

Save seconds to save lives

James Brooks, head of innovation at Halo, explains, "We are extremely proud to manufacture products that make such a difference in fire situations. The Solo range offers greater protection than open helmets with a facemask. The fire fighter can don the helmet in less than ten seconds, be connected to his radio and receive thermal images at great speed, which is paramount when getting to the seat of a fire. The Solo helmet also has great heat shielding capabilities, with a double thickness face seal and a 4mm thick anti-fog and anti-glare facemask providing superb protection levels."

All of the major breathing apparatus systems can be catered for – Draeger, Scott or MSA – and Halo has the capability to connect to a full range of radio communications systems. Speech transmitted through the Solo helmet is crystal clear – a vital attribute, as communications are of the utmost importance when an emergency takes place on board a ship.

Approved to MED standards

Halo products are approved to the latest MED requirements and have EN443 (2008), EN136 and EN137 approvals, so you know you are protecting the lives of your crew and customers with the best equipment possible.

Catering to the cruise sector since 1996, Halo Thermal Imaging has vast experience in the industry, and has supplied many cruise lines with fire fighting solutions, including Princess, Carnival and Cunard. Earlier this year, when Cunard’s three Queens (Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2) were sailing together up the Mersey, Halo was proud to know that it was providing fire protection on all three ships.

An innovative signature product

Always innovating, the team at Halo has not been resting on their laurels when it comes to new product development. The company has recently launched a new signature thermal imaging camera: the Halo. This is the lightest and smallest thermal imaging camera available today that is designed for firefighting, and search and rescue. The company knew from experience just how important it was for clients to have thermal imaging, and the ability for this to be hands free.

For those that want to use a traditional fire helmet and face mask, the Halo, at only 390g, fits snugly onto the side of a fire helmet with a 2.5in high-definition display, and features a snapshot function that enables image freezing for situational assessment.

James Brooks, head of innovation at Halo, adds, "Due to the superior dynamic range, the Halo can clearly detect casualties against a fire as well as in other scenarios, such as search and rescue, where the firefighter has to deal with colder temperatures.

"Every firefighter that has trialled the Halo says the vision is perfect, even those who require glasses. The TIC is exactly the right height, and users can move the display up and down according to requirements.

"The camera features spot temperature measurement with four colour maps, with single button configuration. And to top it all off, it’s hands free."

Service centre technology

Great technology follows great partners, and the team at Halo has worked for many years with Resmar, which provides sales and service to the cruise industry. The ability to service the complete fire package – helmet and breathing apparatus sets – gives customers the security of knowing their firefighting equipment is in safe hands. With experienced teams in Cheshire and Portsmouth, Resmar is ready to help at any time.