The Renolit Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and associated products for technical applications. The independent, family-owned company has been setting standards for quality and innovation for 70 years and presently employs around 4,500 people in more than 30 production plants and sales offices. In the fiscal year 2016, the Group generated sales of €965.6m.

Renolit Dolphin S

Renolit Dolphin S offers an alternative to conventional painting. In line with the concept of "Fouling Release", it is based on a high-quality silicone layer and is totally free of biocides. The Renolit Dolphin S fouling release alternative reliably protects the surfaces longer and performs better. The amphiphilic property is unique in the market and prevents adhesion of a large scope of fouling. Its corrosion protection property, the drag reduction due to the smooth surface and the easy application have a great impact on maintenance costs and operational efficiency.

Application – below water line:

  • Hull of boats and ships
  • Windmills pillars
  • Marine energy converters.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3D application
  • Amphiphilic fouling release (hydrophobe & hydrophile surface)
  • Smoothest surface due to Fluoropolymer surface
  • Migration free fouling release silicone Uniform surface
  • Good resistance to abrasion (allows frequent cleaning cycles)
  • Up to 12% drag reduction.


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