remocean was founded in 2010, after ten years of joint research activity between the IREA-CNR institute (Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment) in Naples and the INSEAN institute in Rome, a research institute with a vast experience in the naval and maritime engineering area.

remocean, strengthened from such a background, has developed a real-time state of the sea monitoring system, based on the innovative remocean core service algorithms, able to improve the operating efficiency of maritime navigation security and to provide information about the impact of the sea on the coastline.

The company, a spin-off of CNR created by group of private investors, has recently seen the entrance – as a minor partner – of Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno, the Venture Capital fund of the Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, whose target are businesses of Southern Italy with a high level of technological innovation.


remocean has developed complex algorithms, which are an integral part of the remocean core service module, able to acquire and process the information clutter generated from the X band radar. The clutter – also called "noise" – is a radar signal generated from the reflection of waves, as a consequence of the disturbance generated from the sea surface in the process of signal transmission. These interferences have different models and structures, as a consequence of environmental factors such as the seabed, the sea surface currents or the intensity and direction of the waves. Applying these complex algorithms and analyzing this clutter, the remocean core service module is able to estimate in real time and with high precision the following parameters:

  • wave length, period and direction of dominant waves;
  • significant wave height;
  • surface currents;
  • high-resolution bathymetry maps;
  • 2D reconstruction over time of waves’ height.

remocean’s main components are:

  • X band radar (usually already on board);
  • remocean Box, which is composed of:
  • remocean Radar Interface, a specific module for the acquisition and transfer of radar signals to the elaboration unit;
  • remocean elaboration unit, a hardware module (industrial computer) able to acquire signals and data from other on-board sensors (GPS, Gyros, etc.);
  • remocean core service, the software module for processing and managing all remocean vertical applications.

Using the vertical applications of the remocean onBoard suite it is possible to have a continuous monitoring system of sea conditions in order to navigate with greater safety, more comfort and less fuel consumption.