RATIONAL AG is a world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for commercial kitchens. The company is not simply a mechanical engineering company, but a solution provider who develops its appliances focusing on customer benefit alone. Since 1976, the German company has been providing a new dynamic for professional kitchens with regard to production processes, quality and simplicity with its products.

The SelfCookingCenter and the VarioCookingCenter especially have impressed more and more marine users with their cooking intelligence. The company has now also become a leader in the development of the kitchen network and provides its customers with a cloud-based solution called ConnectedCooking, which, amongst other things, allows remote access to the appliances, automatically logs HACCP data, performs software updates automatically and allows for a consistent quality standard in all appliances.

At home in the galleys at sea. Efficient galley management

Preparing an attractive selection of foods at sea presents particular challenges for the galley kitchen due to the difficult environment, the limited space and restricted resources as well as the need for large quantities of meals, which must be prepared fresh throughout the day. Every galley, whether on a ship, yacht or an oil rig, must have a reliable, efficient and flexible cooking system, which always provides high quality results. With RATIONAL, you have an experienced partner who supports you with progressive solutions for your kitchen:

The SelfCookingCenter marine version.

On a footprint of less than 11 square feet (1 square metre), you can fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, and much more. It can do that regardless of whether you want to prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods, or desserts – whether it is thirty or several thousand meals. It brings the support any kitchen team would wish for: it cooks quickly, is easy to use, provides the food quality you specify, and even saves you money, time, and energy. It's the first cooking system with real intelligence, and it's revolutionizing the way food is prepared.

The marine version is suitable both for passenger ships and for hard naval use. Here, the safety of operators and assuring all the important unit functions, even in rough seas, are the key factors. The RATIONAL marine version is approved by the internationally recognised Germanischer Lloyd and meets the strictest hygiene requirements according to USPHS.

The SelfCookingCenter XS marine version

Whether it is used as an attractive appliance in the front cooking area or as an additional station unit, the new SelfCookingCenter XS has an appropriate place even in the smallest kitchen and is also available in the marine version. It includes all the important technical features for safe operation even on rough seas.

We give you all of the functions to ensure top quality and maximum efficiency within a minimum space. Together with the UltraVent Plus condensation hood with special filter technology, it prevents both vapours and the lingering smoke that builds up while grilling and pan frying. This means the appliances can also be installed at critical locations such as front areas.

The VarioCookingCenter

Boiling, frying and deep-frying: With the VarioCookingCenter, you can cook up to four times faster and with 40% less power consumption compared to conventional tilting fryers and boiling pans. The innovative heating system VarioBoost ensures quick heating and uniform heat distribution with precise temperature control. The self-explanatory operation and the in-built cooking intelligence means even non-professionals can achieve strong results from the start.

RATIONAL Marine service

Reliable equipment and a reliable partner are especially important at sea. Being established for over 40 years we have developed a substantial global marine service partner network that provides expert onboard support and advice.