Quality Positioning Services (QPS) bv, headquartered in Zeist, The Netherlands, is an independent software company founded in 1986. QPS subsidiary offices are located in Portsmouth USA, Fredericton Canada and in Banbury UK.

QPS partnered with AD Navigation (also a member of the HITT group of companies) to develop and provide Portable Pilot Units (AD-XR GNSS receivers and QPS Qastor software). In 2011 QPS acquired IVS3D, thereby strengthening its product range with the industry-leading Fledermaus software suite. In 2012 QPS partnered with Esri whose ArcGIS for Maritime is part of the ArcGIS system to solve problems and gain efficiencies for ocean, marine, hydrographic, and related business.

QPS is focused on system integration of survey sensors and the development of software used for hydrogeomatic surveys, Portable Pilot Units and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) production. QPS navigation and positioning software (QINSy) is used on board offshore construction vessels, pipe-lay barges, drilling rigs, seismic research vessels and hydrographic survey vessels. QPS has a fast growing market share in the offshore oil and gas industry, dredging industry and port communities.