Power-Packer, with headquarters in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, is a market leader in motion control systems. Power-Packer supplies specialised high-quality products, which include the development and manufacturing of manual-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuation systems for a large number of applications in Automotive, Truck, Medical, Marine and Off-Highway.

Power-Packer develops, assembles and markets actuation systems for customers on a global basis including OEM’s and Tier 1’s in diverse end-markets.

Power-Packer has locations in the Netherlands, France, Turkey, India, China, Brazil, Mexico and the US and has more than 1,000 employees. Power-Packer is wholly owned by Actuant Corporation. Actuant Corporation is a diversified industrial company serving customers from operations in more than 30 countries. The company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Actuant trades on the NYSE under the symbol ATU.

Actuators for the cruise Industry

Power-Packer designs electro-hydraulic systems to open, close and lock shell doors, tender doors, garage doors, sliding doors, adjust masts, hatches and mooring gangways.

Our actuators meet the highest requirements in this industry. They are robust, compact, reliable and safe to operate. We offer best-in-class practices, high standards of quality, international manufacturing footprint, global sales, continuous improvement, innovation, and reliable performance.

Decentralised solutions

Power-Packer offers a decentralized solution for the Maritime market. Our new Electric Drive Unit (EDU) system combines an integrated hydraulic pump, valves, a cylinder and an electric motor. This versatile design also includes the option of creating a smart device integrating pressure and linear sensors.

  • High power density in a compact design
  • Variable speeds possible with variable flow pump
  • Power on command, no energy losses
  • Easy to install, no hydraulic tubing needed
  • Hold function with overload protection
  • Design for harsh environments
  • Lloyds, DNV (Norske Veritas), CCS (China Class Society) and Japanese Class NK certifications.


First-class motion control for the maritime market − Introducing Power-Packer’s EDU actuation system

Power-Packer’s EDU system brings you the rugged durability you need, along with significant energy efficiency and built-in intelligence, for maximum possibilities in the most demanding applications.

An electrical connection is all you need to operate our EDU. And while the actuator system features a compact size and lighter weight design, it still provides the rugged durability and high power that maritime applications demand. The duplex stainless steel and high-grade aluminium alloy construction, combined with a proven coating system, guarantees corrosion resistance.

Energy density

When we compare the use of hydraulic and electro-mechanical (EM) technologies in actuator design, energy density, or the power output per volume, is clearly highest with hydraulic systems. Hydraulics are known for high forces in small envelopes. That’s why hydraulic actuation systems have consistently been the top choice in Maritime applications.

New pump technologies, like Power-Packer’s Varex pump, have made it possible to further decrease the sizes of motors needed. Our patented Varex pump is now a clear choice in the OEM automotive market, where weight, robustness, reliability, size and noise are critical.

Transmission ratios

Hydraulics also allow for better transmission ratios than EM technology. It is easy to achieve a greater ratio simply by changing the pump size or, in the case of the Power-Packer Varex pump, the excenter of the system.


Many applications call for an actuator that can shut off and hold its position. In a hydraulic system, the simplicity of design allows this to consistently occur. An EM actuator relies upon spindles or ball screws, which is a more complicated design that requires additional safety measures at high speeds. Special brakes or mechanical construction are needed to ensure safe performance.


Hydraulic systems remain the preferred choice when used in harsh environments. Hydraulics are rugged and durable because of their simple design. Unlike the gears in an EM system, hydraulic have few moving parts. As a result, hydraulics have minimal compressibility and are able to absorb shocks far better. This is also due to the integrated pressure relief valves that limit forces and shocks. When the best materials, such as duplex stainless steel, is used for cylinder plungers, damage of the EDU becomes nearly impossible. These EDU’s are able to resist wear and retain their performance and accuracy.

Maintenance and assembly

In the Maritime industry, designers and maintenance workers understand how to use and service hydraulic systems, but a poorly designed actuation will always cause problems in the field. Power-Packer has more than 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing maintenance-free systems for the truck and automotive markets. Our maintenance-free systems truly require no tune-ups, oil changes or other routine maintenance.

Since service and assembly should be easy, it is important to have lightweight systems that offer a manual backup system. Our systems can make this happen.