Named after the legendary shipbuilder famed in ancient Greek mythology, Phereclus combines craftsmanship and the highest quality standards with realistic prices.

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company has a strong team of specialists who are versatile and experienced in large-scale and ambitious projects. Firmly established in the corrosion protection and surface finishing markets (primarily in Germany and Scandinavia), Phereclus has particular expertise in shipbuilding projects. In addition, the company prides itself on logistics, project management and transparency, and with experienced teams varying in size from 60-200 people, it guarantees the utmost flexibility in projects of every degree of complexity and size.

Flat hierarchies, a functionally organised corporate structure as well as a close network of partners allow them to complete any challenge, even if geographically decentralised, successfully, in accordance with the intentions of the customer. Their English-speaking experts not only have a wide range of experience and the necessary fire prevention know-how, but have also attended all of the required safety training sessions.

Phereclus continues to create new and improved standards while incorporating efficiency. Its workmanship is accepted and valued by all leading paint manufacturers, thus creating the basis for the guarantee period, as requested by most shipyards.

The DIN ISO 9001-certified service portfolio includes:

  • corrosion protection: core expertise in the sectors of shipbuilding and steel structures
  • shipbuilding: service meets and often exceeds all customary technical standards of surface treatment and rust removal
  • surface finishing: focus on yachts
  • project management: in collaboration with external companies and network partners
  • project planning: includes requirement analysis and feasibility check
  • project calculation: permanent quality control and audited approval procedures.

Phereclus’s expertise in corrosion protection includes surface preparation, abrasive blasting, damp blasting, high-pressure washing, sanding and smoothing/filling. Development of the corrosion-protection system extends to airless coating, thick-layer coating, compressed air spraying, electrostatic spraying, hot spraying, powder coating, zinc spraying and metallising.

Shipbuilding expertise covers sanding, smoothing/filling, and GRP, undercoat and premium varnishing to the highest standards. Phereclus works as a service partner on a national and international level for industry leaders such as the Meyer Werft and Neptun Werft shipyards, Lindø Industrial Park and Odense Steel Shipyard.

Phereclus´s particularly specialised yacht team has a number of years of experience in national as well as International finishing of large yachts, and can also meet the extremely high quality standards of modern super-yachts, and the highest possible requirements in terms of their surface protection and finishing. The quality of their workmanship is enjoyed daily by crew members and owners of world-famous luxury yachts.