Based at Lisbon, Galp Energia Group, is able to offer fuel supply services to all ships visiting this warm and pleasant country.

Galp Energia has professional bunkers team provide its customers with high-quality fuels and services, and the highest safety standards in all its bunker activity and the company’s bunkering products fulfil the ISO 8217: 2010 specification in all grades. To help achieve customers’ targets on the environment, the company can supply low-sulphur fuels at several ports, with the port of Lisbon being the main port for low-sulphur fuel. Optimising its logistics resources and storage capabilities Galp Energia is able to provide high-quality services and products, including a wide variety of marine distillates.

Galp Energia is the main bunker supplier in Portugal, and provides bunker services using its two barges with capacities of 5,800 tonnes and 3,000 tonnes each. A 5,800 dwt double-hull barge, Bahia Tres, began operations in 2010 to support the company’s business in the ports of Sines and Setúbal, meeting all the important aspects for safety and protecting the environment. It is equipped with anti-pollution measurers and is covered by European Maritime Safety Agency regulations in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Always aware that its customers’ main concern is product cost, the company offers competitive prices without compromising product or service quality. Visiting Portugal and being supplied by Galp Energia will always be a good decision for regular customers, used to working with a professional team.

We are the only refinery in Portugal and operate refineries at Sines and Matosinhos. We have an extensive product range that includes gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, fuel oil, LPG, bitumen and several aromatic products. Our refining business is responsible for the supply of oil products to our retail, wholesale and LPG marketing divisions, competitors and foreign customers, as well as for the operation of our refining and logistics assets.

We hold a significant position in the Portuguese crude oil products storage market. Our two refineries in Portugal together represent 20% of the Iberian refining capacity, and collectively account for the majority of Portugal’s annual domestic petroleum product requirements. We are investing approximately €1.4 billion to upgrade and improve the efficiency of our refineries, representing €1 billion for Sines and €0.4 billion for Matosinhos.