Lautex was founded in Helsinki in 1951 with the name Varmuusrakenne Oy. The company’s first product was a fire-resistant plaster plate for ceiling installations and initially the company’s entire production was delivered to construction industry’s needs. During the 1960s, the demand for plaster decreased and the use of aluminum became more common in ceiling products. The first Lautex ceiling delivery for the shipbuilding industry was for the cruise ship MS Song of Norway, built in the Helsinki shipyard in 1970. As the company grew, their space demands also increased, and the company moved to Nummela in 1979. In 1987 after changes in ownership, the company name was changed to Oy Lautex Ab. In the 1990s, the shipbuilding industry became the company’s main market. In the first decade of the 21st century, the trade fluctuations of the shipbuilding industry had a strong impact also on Lautex. With strong product development and solutions answering the demanding needs of the industry, shipbuilding now forms a firm base for Lautex business.

Today, Lautex employs 56 professionals at its Nummela factory. In 2019, the company’s turnover was 12 million euros. Lautex delivers products to multiple European shipyards for both new ships and refurbishment projects. The company has a wide and content customer network around the world. Lautex provides ceiling solutions for passenger and crew cabin areas and all public spaces in the ships.

Lautex products are a well-known and sought-after choice among architects and at all major shipyards and turnkey providers. Lautex products can be found on nearly all large cruise ships. The company has carried our several demanding projects all over the world and it is known as a supplier that designs and manufactures high-quality products. Its wide product range contains all the needed ceiling components for construction industry and ship building. The main material used in the ceiling products is aluminum and steel, especially with fire-resistant products that fulfill the B-0 or B-15 requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The product range includes panels, cassettes, grating ceilings, custom-made special ceilings and also for example service hatches, all delivered including the fixtures and hanging materials needed for perfect installation.