Since Oxin was founded in 2004, its mission has been the design, production and commissioning of catering solutions for cruise ships. It is an ambitious challenge as, more than ever, the exacting certification standards of the marine sector have propelled stainless steel processing operations towards higher quality and specialisation.

Oxin integrates the dynamism of its design ideas with manufacturing excellence and high-quality craftsmanship. The resulting combination is a fusion of prodigious engineering capabilities and painstaking attention to detail. Over the years, by following this distinctive approach, Oxin has become a reference brand in the marine catering sector, involved in projects of every dimension, from new vessels to refits.

Thanks to its know-how in processing stainless steel and a decade of direct involvement in the marine sector, Oxin has become an ideal partner for clients pursuing thorough, integrated and flexible project management.

On board with you

Oxin cooperates closely with its clients to manage every stage of a new project, from the initial briefing to the assembly stage, and from manufacture to maintenance. It is reliable, flexible and can adapt at any stage while staying committed to the initial objective, even in the case of last-minute adjustments.

Oxin support is dedicated to all areas of the shipbuilding industry, with three key divisions:

  • Oxin Cruise: Oxin’s commitment in this sector is likely to grow in the future through penetration of new international markets and by serving the cruise industry in a more targeted fashion.
  • Oxin Megayacht: this division is dedicated to special projects in the luxury yachts sector – a market where the radical customisation of projects and products, combined with the finishes of utmost prestige, are perfectly suited to Oxin’s unique skills and ample experience
  • Oxin Refit: thanks to its dynamism and design flexibility, Oxin can offer every bit of the engineering know-how and management skills necessary for refitting operations.

Your recipes are Oxin’s recipes

In order to achieve the maximum savings in terms of time and waste reduction, marine catering applications require responsive management and tight control of work operations. As a result, Oxin can guarantee the excellence and durability of its products. It offers fast response rates and timely problem solving, and is always open to the flow of feedback from all partners – be they corporate chefs, hotel managers, architects or end-customers. This is Oxin’s recipe for making sure that its results always meet clients’ expectations.

Its many years of experience have allowed Oxin’s projects to pass the most stringent certification requirements and comply with the guidelines of the most important international control authorities, such as the US Public Health Service.

Craftmanship is excellence in detail

From steel cutting through to the assembly stage, Oxin manages all steel structure work processes in the house, and the work is carried out by highly skilled and fully experienced personnel. Every component is crafted using a tailor-made approach and followed through to the utmost degree of perfection. Oxin’s products are world renowned for their exceptional quality and attention to the minutest detail.

Oxin is located in Veneto, the heart of the Italian stainless steel industry – a region famous for its passion for aesthetics and a goal-driven attitude, combined with a knack for ambitious projects. For Oxin, every assignment is new sailing, following new exciting routes.