Engineering firm Mareleng chose Osram’s efficient LED and Flex Tape solutions to complete a demanding marine dry dock project in Europe. Mareleng’s project Carsten Frydenborg and Andreas Baer, global account manager for leader marine lighting at Osram, discuss the versatile use of these lighting products.

Could you explain some of the advantages of Osram’s LED and Flex Tape solutions?

Carsten Frydenborg: Osram’s LED and Flex Tape are easy to install with simple instructions clearly laid out in pictures. Osram’s Linearlight Flex has a good selection of LEDs and accessories for venue and lighting requirements. The LED modules are easy to adjust and they blend harmoniously into the architecture of various venues such as spas, dining rooms, night clubs and lounges.

Andreas Baer: On top of these advantages, we offer detailed application notes and installation videos, plus a five-year system warranty for our Linearlight Flex Range.

Osram has a wide selection of high-quality products that are a good fit for the marine environment.

What are some of the more difficult lighting requirements in dry dock or renovation projects?

CF: In projects of this kind, such as retrofitting a cruise ship, it is a challenge to find the correct harmony and balance between design and the lighting look. Another challenge is smoothly dimming the LEDs to get the correct look without flickering and interference from the ship’s electrical systems.

The delivery of lighting components is also important due to the short time frames in dry dock projects. Osram has all the products in stock and this is one of the reasons we chose to partner with the company.

AB: As far as good dimming goes, we test our products at the most important marine dimming systems during the development phase to ensure we can meet this essential requirement.

As one of the largest lighting manufacturers, we keep a good stock level to serve these projects. However, with our involvement early in these projects, we make sure that critical delivery targets are met. We have an increasingly vast portfolio including a wide range of light colours, brightness levels and accessories, such as diffusers, to help lighting designers integrate their lighting visions by adapting them to the general design of the vessel.

Why did it make sense to implement Osram’s lighting products in the dry dock project and how were they used?

CF: Osram has a wide selection of high-quality products that are a good fit for the marine environment. Mareleng has used Osram products before on open deck, entertainment venues and theatres. We have been using its LED products for decorative effect and architectural lighting for cabins and public areas.
AB: Osram has a proven track record working on marine projects from numerous new builds and dry docks without any major claims. So we are confident that our products are the best choice not only for dry dock projects, but for many other requirements, too.

How is lighting technology changing to provide cheaper solutions for large projects?

CF: One of the major changes is on the control side of lighting. Technology makes it cheaper to install and design innovative lighting installations, and makes the lighting smarter and easier to maintain.
AB: Light is getting more of a digital focus, and it is getting smarter with use of sensors and mobile user interfaces. At the same time, the price of LEDs has declined, which has allowed us to offer better solutions at cheaper prices. Each generation of LEDs has been upgraded in terms of efficiency, which offers further gains for our customers. Our new Diffuse Flex LEDs, for example, render tracks and diffusers obsolete, and help reduce costs. As Carsten said, we have made maintaining these installations much easier. Consider our Encelium Light Management System, which allows us to track every single light source, measure energy, report failures and optimise maintenance cycles.

In what ways do you think Osram outplays its competitors?

AB: We thrive through our large portfolio, including suitable accessories, the high quality of our products, the existing marine competence and a very good service level. We also have strong relationships with our integrator partners, such as Mareleng.
CF: Osram has good, solid products, and the team always provides impressive technical support and service.

What can we expect to see from Osram next?

AB: Expect a lot of innovation, such as our 4,000lm/m High Flux Linearlight Flex and Tunable White Flex products, RGBW products, specific meat and vegetable light colours, and a boost in tracks and cover accessories, which will be launched along with our 800lm/m Diffuse Flex.