Oras is a significant developer, manufacturer and marketer of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Ever since the company’s founding in 1945 in Rauma, Finland, Oras has been dedicated to bring products of high quality and design with user-friendly technological solutions to the markets. Each technological improvement is designed to contribute to water and energy savings. As early as in the 1990s, Oras presented the touchless, electronic faucets to the European HVAC markets. Oras’ vision is to become the true owner of the electronic faucet markets in Europe.

Oras is entirely owned by a family company Oras Invest. All Oras faucets are produced in Europe, in the company’s two factories located in Rauma, Finland and in Olesno, Poland. Likewise the raw material and the components used in production are sourced from European suppliers.

Customized product concept and green building products

On account of our own product development and manufacturing, we have the possibility to offer individually tailored faucet solutions for hotels, healthcare institutions, cruise line industry, etc. environments that have special demands. Additionally Oras provides a selection of water and energy efficient products for green building operations.

Easy to use: Each Oras’ product is designed to ease the daily chores. Supreme operational certainty combined with innovational functions make Oras faucets smart – without forgetting water and energy savings, easy installation, safety and reliability.

Ecological: Oras faucets take ecological values to the highest level. Easy usage of smart faucets additionally enables the users to cut down their water and energy costs. Since the share of heated water can be one third of the total energy consumption, for the economy, the significance of ecologically smart faucets is considerable.

Safe: With touchless opening and closing, smart faucets are easy to use and there’s no need of touching the faucet at all. Smart hand washing leaves the faucet surface spotless and clean and additionally ensures the best level of hand hygiene. Additionally, a self-closing faucet cannot be left open accidentally.