NEK Kabel has since 1913 designed and manufactured cables for a wide range of applications. The company offers standard and special made cables for both on- and offshore applications. There is hardly any limit for what product the company can make.

NEK Kabel supplies customers all over the world. The company takes pride in being able to offer a huge range of cables for different purposes, directly from the warehouse near Oslo. New cables are designed regularly, and much focus is placed on communication cables for ship- and offshore applications. The cables are approved by DNV or other international classification societies.

Marine communication cables

All cables are supplied with low smoke, non toxic and flame retardant materials.
An option is given with a MUD resistant material with the same properties.
NEK Kabel also supplies fire resistant cables according IEC 60331.


The Category 7 S/FTP AWG 23/7 LanMarin is fully compliant with the Category 7 standards for horizontal wiring, EN 50288 and IEC 61156-5. When used with Category 6 connectivity, optimal headroom to Class E performance is ensured. Cat 7 STP LanMarin is produced in two versions, where one version is with oil- and mudresistant properties. Both versions are DNV approved for ship- and offshore use.

LanMarin Hybrid

This is the DNV approved cable CAT 7 S/FTP + 2 fiber SM included in the construction.

The Cat 5E SF/UTP Megaline is an armoured high speed datacable for frequencies up to 250Mhz. The cable is produced for rough conditions, and isDNV approved.


The QFCI optical cable for in- and outdoor use is for vital communication and emergency systems that need to be operational during fire. It is designed to be operational for more than 3 hours when a fire occurs. The cable is reinforced with a steel wire braid. It is offered in two versions, where one version is with an extra mud resistant jacket. QFCI is DNV approved and can be delivered as hybrid cable with different fibres included.

CDAD Universal is a fire resistant optical cable with tight buffer fibres for emergency systems. The cable is non-metal armoured, aramid reinforced and can be installed together with existing signal- and power cables. DNV approved March 2012.


Profibus Marin SHF2 is a shielded bus-cable for use in ship- and offshore installations. The cable is produced in two versions, where one version is Mud- and cold resistant. The cable is DNV approved.

Canbus Marin SHF2 is a system buscable for use over and under deck. The cable has good oil and chemical resistance, due to the special outerjacket of cross linked compound. It can be delivered with an extra mud resistant jacket. The cable is DNV approved.

Coaxial cables

NEK Kabel has a large stock of most RG cables in LSZH versions. In addition, the company offers several coaxial cables specially made for use in ship- and offshore communications.

RG 6 Marin is a 75 ohm coaxial cable , approved by Germanische Lloyd.
RG 11 MUD Navy is a RG 11 type in LSZH version + oil and mud resistant properties.


In addition to the above examples, NEK Kabel delivers a large variety of other cables, in communication, installation and as hybrid constructions. High quality and flexibility are focused throughout the company.