With over 50 year experience in the design and manufacture of vinyl coated fabrics, Morbern is your partner of choice for all decorative upholstery projects.

Our innovative products combine style and performance to fulfil your requirements across markets and applications – marine, outdoor, hospitality, contract and many more. Morbern delivers attractive coated fabrics that can handle high wear and tear and frequent cleaning, offering performance-enhancing features such as stain, denim and flame resistance, for use anywhere design is paramount and durability a must.

The Morbern Marine range is specifically engineered to perform in rigorous, all-weather environments.      High UV, mildew, stain and cold crack resistance combined with stylish features make for an impeccable, enduring upholstery programme, unequalled in the sector. Recent marine product developments include    the four-way stretch Splash collection and 2018 DAME-nominated outdoor digital print vinyl Americana.   Both have received an IMO-MED WheelMark certification, further expanding the large range of Morbern fabrics suitable for large vessels and passenger ships.


Morbern marine coated fabrics are treated with biocidal active substances to inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria and viruses.  The smooth, non-porous and durable surface of coated fabrics is highly resistant to scratches and cracks, where microbes may thrive. In addition, their high cleanability promotes good maintenance practices by simplifying disinfection methods. 

All Morbern coated fabrics are resistant to bleach – the principal disinfection agent recommended by the ECDC for covid-19 preventative cleaning – and can also be disinfected using alcohol-based products such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Isopropyl Alcohol, without any risk of fading or deterioration over time. 


The state-of-the-art digital print technology, showcased by Americana, offers the ultimate solution for customised, thematic projects or branded decor environments – infinite pattern and colour combinations to turn your design dreams into high-resolution reality.  Morbern has perfected the durability of printed vinyl, achieving a 300,000 cycles Martindale abrasion – much more than any other digitally printed product on the market – and excellent bleach resistance for enhanced cleanability.


From our phthalate-free production in Canada, where continuous sustainability initiatives have already underpinned our environmental promises, to our ambitious plans for greater and greener achievements, Morbern's ethos is one of total commitment to the planet: help protect and preserve our children's tomorrows while meeting our clients' needs today.

In recent years, Morbern had been pioneering the development of chemical-free flame retardant fabrics in North America with its MorGreen™ collection.  These products take advantage of PVC’s inherent fire-resistant properties, so no additives are needed.  Despite this, the material comply with the EN1021 (Parts 1 & 2) European fire standards and California 117 fire safety law in the USA, with IMO MED accreditation to follow in the near future.


Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Morbern is present on three continents – North America, Asia and Europe – to best meet the requirements of each market and firmly place Morbern on the international suppliers map. Morbern started its European sales operations in 2014, underpinned by a dedicated warehousing & logistics platform in Amsterdam.  From there, over 500 SKUs are sold through a wide distributor network and shipped daily across Europe & beyond. The cross-market expertise and dedication of Morbern Europe's multi-lingual sales & support team makes for a total every-step-of-the-way customer satisfaction experience, from product conception & design to delivery