Enjoy Cooking with MKN! Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer is a German specialist for the development, manufacture and worldwide sales of premium professional thermal cooking technology. MKN looks back on more than 70 years of special expertise, which has given rise to a comprehensive product range covering all thermal processes applied in professional kitchens as well as being geared towards user-friendly optimisation of kitchen workflows. In recent years, exportable equipment innovations have resulted in a strong level of internationalisation. With around 500 employees and worldwide business, MKN is now one of the industry’s global players.

MKN Combi cooking technology

With FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi MKN offers a wide range of combi cooking technology providing great customer benefits. Due to their touch and slide operating concept MagicPilot, the MKN combi steamers can be operated similarly to modern smartphones and the complex requirements of professional kitchens can be implemented easily.

EasyLoad means easy to handle with crosswise insertion. In addition to the safe cleaning system WaveClean, the smart capacity concept FlexiRack and other features, the MKN FlexiCombi is also energy efficient! Furthermore, a wide range of new, intelligent, technical features guarantee top cooking results, capacity benefits, and outstanding energy and water consumption levels. The consumption display GreenInside provides transparency here.

Many professional chefs appreciate the multifunctionality and user friendliness of a modern combi steamer. However, some of them don’t have sufficient room in their kitchen or galley. With the space saving SpaceCombi models, MKN offers a professional solution, which is specially geared to these conditions. The SpaceCombi is only 55cm wide, yet still comparably equipped to larger models. Despite its slim width, it offers astounding capacity: 6 x 1/1GN in SpaceCombi Compact and 6 x 2/3 GN in SpaceCombi Junior.

FlexiChef innovation

With its customer benefits the MKN FlexiChef optimises complete kitchen processes, particularly with regard to time and cost management. The FlexiChef is characterised by unrivalled speed, perfect hygiene, maximum flexibility, state of the art operation, as well as environmentally responsible sustainability and efficiency. FlexiChef especially offers a great benefit when it comes to the aspect of cleaning as the FlexiChef is equipped with the first automatic cleaning system for horizontal kitchen technology. With SpaceClean manual cleaning is no longer necessary which means the chef has more time to focus on his priorities. An automatic intermediate cleaning cycle is even carried out in only two minutes (plus set-up time) and completely without using chemicals.