Material choice is a fundamental aspect of marine interior design. The material sets the tone for the overall look and feel of the vessel. When it comes to flooring, key considerations include IMO certification, durability and aesthetics, along with slip resistance, sound absorption, comfort, antistatic properties and washability. These factors combine to enhance passenger experience and safety.

Hospitality design

It is not surprising that the criteria for interior design is similar to that used in leisure and hospitality. The key drivers remain brand identity and custom finishes, with high emphasis on bespoke designs. A cruise ship is generally seen as a floating hotel, bar, restaurant, cinema and retailer. Only the performance specification, such as IMO certification requirements, separates it from the general hospitality or retail sectors.

Different areas on cruise liners require different floor coverings. Some areas, such as bedrooms, are suited to thick, luxurious carpet. Restaurants and bars, where spillages are frequent, require aesthetically pleasing yet easy-to-clean floors. Play areas for young children call for a floor covering that is comfortable and warm underfoot. Slip resistance and washability are paramount considerations for kitchens and bathrooms, while cinemas and theatres require aesthetic and acoustic qualities.

Ferries and yachts

This marine segment often features shorter journey times, quick turnaround and a higher volume of daily foot passengers. While aesthetics and corporate branding are still of high importance, functionality and durability will play even more important roles.

Floor covering choices for yachts depend on the vessel’s function. There will be different demands for yachts used as floating restaurants; those that host large sightseeing group trips around city harbours; and those used for travelling further out to sea with small groups of passengers. For commercial vessels, where footfall is high, aesthetics, durability and easy maintenance will be important considerations. But on private vessels where a more luxurious finish is required, comfort and aesthetics will rank as higher priorities.

Washable floor covering

Flotex FR offers a new dimension in flooring for marine vessels. It is a unique product that combines all the hard-wearing, durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Made from a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely flocked surface of Nylon 6.6 fibres, it is extremely stable and has the look of a textile floor covering while being just as functional and easy to clean. Flotex FR is a truly washable textile that has excellent acoustic properties and is slip resistant. It is perfectly suited to cruise liners and ferries, and can be used in areas such as restaurants, bedrooms, cinemas, shops and offices.

The digitally printed Flotex FR offers users the complete freedom to customise the interior space of any marine vessel. Forbo’s design studio can help customers create their own designs and ensures a perfect fit. The benefits of Flotex FR include:
– full compliance to IMO marine standards n a smooth textile, velour-like surface that’s comfortable and warm n excellent slip resistance
– 100% waterproofing with impervious backing that makes it suitable for wet cleaning
– durable construction using Nylon 6.6
– ease of cleaning
– ease of repair if damaged
– antimicrobial properties
– improved indoor air quality, independently proven by Allergy UK
– excellent acoustic properties up to 22dB
– an extensive range of designs and colours or custom design service
– high-definition print for complete freedom of design.

Forbo Flooring Systems also has the Westbond FR carpet tiles and Coral T32 FR entrance matting systems in its portfolio. These textiles are also IMO-certified.