Designer and manufacturer of electronic marine equipments for alarm, control and monitoring for all types of ships, we propose a global offer of solutions for all the safety functions onboard:

  • Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Level measurement
  • Optical and acoustic signalling BNWAS
  • Fire detection
  • Alarm and bilge detection
  • Telegraph … and more

High quality products, advanced technology and innovation make MARINELEC Technologies one of the leading makers of marine safety electronic equipment for safer, eco-friendly and efficient vessels. Our standard & custom made range meets the specific requirements of IMO regulations and other safety standards and we also make equipments on specification.

For those reasons, famous shipyards all over the world choose MARINELEC Technologies which associates design and performance, to equip their vessels:

  • STX
  • DCNS
  • CMN
  • SEAS
  • GULF
  • CRAFT …

Our products are installed on military vessels, yachts, work boats and cruise ships. For example we have equipped MSC Divina, Queen Mary 2, Europa 2, Pont – Aven, Armorique

Today everyone is concerned by environmental issues and natural resources. Ship owners want to combine comfort and performance while reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

To improve fleet operating, MARINELEC Technologies developed efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption, eco-designed solutions and products using advanced technologies:

Power line communication (CL09CPL)

The principle of the technology applied to the CL09CPL is to carry data on the same cable that is used for transmitting power to one or several devices.

The main advantage is the reduction of cables and associated work, but also the flexibility offered by such an expandable system, as well as new functionalities possible thanks to this bidirectional data transmission. This technology allows costs and maintenance reduction, energy saving and secure alarm data transmission by an important reduction of cabling (eg: cruise ship – weight reduction 60%, time of cabling reduction 80%, cost saving 40%).

Marinelec Technologies developed new analytical econometers which gives precise analysis and consumption data for an eco-friendly navigation:

ECOMER is a monitoring system to follow up the energetic consumption of the various units of the ship. It can be installed on board all new or refitted vessels. The analysis of the collected data allows reducing energy consumption up to 10% by using corrective measures.

SUGOS is especially developed to manage and optimize fuel consumption. It is also featured to allow data transmission through satellite communication.