Manitowoc Foodservice designs, manufactures and supplies best-in-class food and beverage equipment for the global foodservice market − and has an unrivalled understanding of the industry and operator needs. The company is therefore able to offer customers unparalleled operator and patron insights; collaborative and comprehensive kitchen solutions; culinary expertise; and world-class implementation, support and service.

Energy efficient equipment for every galley

In use 24 hours a day, seven days a week − and with the food offering forming such an essential part of the cruise liner experience − the equipment required for catering while cruising the world’s oceans must offer versatility, reliability and flexibility in order to give chefs all the tools required to provide a full and varied menu. Manitowoc Foodservice has a robust, powerful and energy efficient range of marine cooking, beverage and ice solutions that take up little space within the galley. Choose from the new Convotherm 4® combi steamers, Cleveland steam jacketed kettles, Induction, Servend beverage dispensers and Manitowoc Ice Indigo ice Units.

Unrivalled marine knowledge and experience

With the significant challenges associated with cruise ship catering – from the quality of the water and power available, to the shipping routes and varying voltages – Manitowoc Foodservice is one of the few companies with the extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful outcome. Through its portfolio of brands Manitowoc is able to manufacture, supply and install an equipment solution, whatever the challenge, and work to design ergonomic galleys that provide vessels with the right catering equipment configuration so that they are best suited to capacity and maximum efficiency.

Convotherm 4 combi steamers

With a captive customer base, menus on cruise liners need to be varied to ensure that passengers experience a range of ingredients, tastes and smells throughout their dining occasions. To achieve this in limited space means that catering equipment has to offer a full range of cooking capabilities. Combi steamers, like those from Manitowoc’s Convotherm brand, offer cruise ship caterers a flexible cooking solution.

The new Convotherm 4 combi steamers use the latest innovations to ensure perfect cooking results, low energy consumption and functional, aesthetic design. A total of 56 different models are available, including a specific marine version, with either easyTouch™ or easyDial™ user interfaces.

All Convotherm 4 models feature the Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+), which offers up to 23% less energy consumption (under no load, in convection mode). The ACS+ ensures even cooking thanks to perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment (in combi-steam mode), rapid and uniform heat transfer (convection mode) and active control of air input and output. The system works like a pan lid to keep heat and moisture in the combi steamer so that the temperature rises rapidly, thus requiring less power and water.

One unique safety feature, available on all Convotherm 4 units as an option, is the ‘disappearing door’. The door simply disappears down the side of the combi steamer, giving added safety to the galley staff!

Convotherm understands that every watt and litre count, and the Convotherm 4 range represents a new class of energy efficiency and water consumption. The Energy Star and environmental standard ISO14001 demonstrate Convotherm’s commitment to sustainability.

Food safety and hygiene

Marine catering is affected by the significantly restricted choice of chemicals available for cleaning, which is why Convotherm developed the flexible cleaning concept ConvoClean+ and ConvoClean.

Convotherm has also developed a hygienic care package, which covers all the main areas that come into contact with the operator – surfaces of the user interface, door handle and recoil hand shower. These are made of an innovative material that contains silver ions to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

On-going service

Reliability is extremely important, which is why Manitowoc recommends storing critical spare parts on-board – essential accessories such as door seals and interior lamps. Schemes such as ‘training the trainer’ are also vital, and guarantee that expertise exists on-ship to help remedy any difficulties should they arise.

Manitowoc aims to give on-board caterers complete peace of mind, even when the unforeseen happens, and so offers a 24 hour/365 days-a-year technical support line as well as a chef-to-chef helpline for culinary queries.

Marine specialists

From Indigo Marine Ice Units to Induction, Beverage Dispensers through to Convotherm Mini Combis, Manitowoc is the equipment specialist with a detailed knowledge of the marine industry.

About Manitowoc Foodservice

Founded in 1902, The Manitowoc Company, Inc. is a multi-industry, capital goods manufacturer with 92 manufacturing, distribution and service facilities in 25 countries. Manitowoc Foodservice is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment, which includes 24 market-leading brands of hot and cold-focused equipment. With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the Company has a portfolio of best-in-class brands including Cleveland, Convotherm®, Delfield®, Fabristeel, Frymaster®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Koolaire®, Kysor Panel Systems®, Lincoln, Manitowoc® Ice, Multiplex®, Merrychef® and Servend®.

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